Che and I






I have come to the finally presentation of work done by the participants of the Bolivian photo workshop in spring this year. Marianne Leth had a very different and personal approach to the project she was working on during the workshop. Since she was born on the same date as Che Guevara, the rebel who ended his days in Bolivia and whose footstep the workshop was following, she wanted to delve into that connection through her photographs. She was looking for traces of Che Guevara wherever we went. At first that wasn’t quite enough, until she got the idea of combining these black and white pictures with iPhone pictures of herself in various places in Bolivia. Marianne has a very distinctive eye and a strong and personal vision that radiates from her pictures. Through the combination of the two different photos and by adding quotes by Che Guevara she is able to transcend a poignant relationship between land and people, herself and Che Guevara and between idea and reality. To get the most out of her work displayed here, please click on each image to getter a bigger view.

If you want to see more of Marianne’s pictures from Bolivia, you can look up the book Bolivia 2013 which showcases the work of all the participants. All the images are available on preview, but it’s also possible to buy the book.

58 thoughts on “Che and I

  1. What a vibrant set of photos from Marianne, so full of life, death, the universe and everything. The resilience and touching humanity pack a powerful punch as does the hope, and dare I say it, flashes of joy, found in each shot! It has been such a pleasure to enjoy Marianne’s personal journey through this wonderful project of yours Otto!

  2. What a wonderfully talented artist she is!
    So much emotion and character in these beautiful images.
    Thank you for sharing them here, Otto.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The series of posts from your workshop participants have introduced us to wonderful photographers. I think you saved the best for last. These photos are alive with feeling. Excellent work. Just excellent.

  4. Marianne Leths er min store favoritt av det jeg har sett presentert fra deres workshop. Herlig “nære” bilder, både her og inne på hennes hjemmeside. Takk for at du deler! : )

  5. The set of images transports us to a distant land, and shows us connections between the people and their history. The combination of monochrome, iPhoneography, and quotes stir the mind and soul.

  6. What a very interesting project! I am fascinated with Marianne’s motivation to so closely identify with Che Guevara. And the use of her iPhone photos in combination seems to me to be extremely unique. The use of quotes is a very nice touch. I particularly like the third photo with the Mandela quote! Marianne is a very creative photographer indeed!

  7. This was enormously interesting. I had not heard these quotes before, and in truth do not really know the role Che played in history. I thought he was a terrorist but it seems he was a freedom fighter. The quotes of Mandela and Satre are great. These pictures… just magnificent.

    1. The thing with terrorist is, it always comes down to perspective. In the eyes of some they are heroes, and in the eyes of others they are, yes, terrorists. The world isn’t black and white, though, although many try to make it so. There is almost always a reason behind revolutionaries whether one prefer to call them heroes or terrorists, and instead of labeling them as pure evil, we do better to try to understand their reasoning to avoid the devastation they often cause. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Noeleen!

  8. Otto thank you so much for sharing Mariannes work she is certainly a very talented person. A personal project that is emotive in its approach and execution. She has produced work of hope and joy.

  9. Marianne’s is a very powerful presentation. People in the U.S. have always seen Che Guevara as a Communist revolutionary (i.e., an enemy of democracy), but this casts Che in a different light.

    1. Your comment is interesting, because I think the US has been too eager to label revolutionaries like Che as enemies of the state, despite the fact that they were fighting highly oppressive regimes. I guess in the end it comes down to the political point of view. Thank you for the comment, John!

  10. The words had me speechless. Powerful and strikes the heart and imagination. Makes us all the appreciate the gift of freedom and the many brave men and women who risk their lives to pursue it.

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