African Abundance








The African nature is splendid, sundry and striking. From the dry desert to the wet rain forest it encompasses an abundance of diverse habitats and species. Maybe more than anything the African savannah represents this diversity and abundance. It is where we find the big four, the huge hordes of ungulates, the graceful predators and prehistoric animals like rhinos and crocodiles. When I teach my workshops in Malawi, the small country by the lake of the same name, we usually take a couple of days off to go to Liwonde National Park which lies at the southern tip of Lake Malawi and by the river mouth of Shire. Those days embody some welcoming unwinding and a peaceful encounter with Mother Nature’s abundance. We usually get to see animals like various antelopes, hippos, baboons and if we are lucky an elephant or two. During the workshop this spring we came across nothing less than a small horde of elephants. It was amazing to watch those huge animals as they munched off leaves from big trees and grass on the ground. I have finally had time to finished processing the pictures I took during the workshop, and although I don’t regard myself as a nature photograph (despite spending much time out in the wilderness), I know many of my blog’s followers are very much into nature photography, so I decided to showcase a few of the pictures from Liwonde National Park.


130 thoughts on “African Abundance

  1. Those are such beautiful images, Otto. We are very blessed to have such a variety of animals and habitats in Africa. May it always be that way!

  2. A great series of photos depicting a good cross section of wild life and habitat in Africa. I particularly like the second photo of the antelope (if that’s what they are) and how three of them are looking directly at the camera. Very well captured Otto.

  3. A great selection of animals they are too. I also like the antelope (?). How lucky you are to have got up close & personal with these wonderful creatures in the wild.

  4. really enjoyed this one – especially the last one with the elephant by the water’s edge. the presentation as Restlessjo mentions are like framed postcards. nice! ☺

  5. Fantastic .. and they way you have presented your photos, top class … my pick out this stunning bunch … is the last one with the lonely elephant. I really enjoyed this gallery.

  6. My favorite is the ambience of twilight and the silhouettes cast. We usually see animals romping or stalking, but the end of the day in the wild is magical, and you’ve captured its beauty and (for the moment) serenity.

  7. You may not call yourself a nature photographer, but I’d say the quality of your photos say different, Otto. What an exciting adventure it must have been to be in close proximity to the horde of elephants. And I love that last photo with the elephant in silhouette. I really enjoyed these photos!

    1. As Gertie says further down, it’s less important what we call ourselves than to just do whatever it is we want to do. Thank you for the lovely comment, Debra!

  8. Naturfotograf eller inte…du har blicken och kunskapen för all sorts fotografi…varför måste vi alltid placera in oss/allt i fack!?
    Väldigt fin serie tycker jag, du har sett djuren och har fångat deras karaktär…mycket mer än bara porträtt och elefanterna verkar må bra med tanke på flertalet ungar. Får alltid lite ont i hjärtat när jag ser elefanter och andra för tjuvjägarna lovliga byten, man känner sig liten och maktlös, men hoppet är ju det sista som överger en…hoppet om att människan skall komma till sans innan det är för sent:)
    Förstår att din workshop måste ha varit intressant och givande…människor, djur och fantastisk natur, vad mer kan man önska?

    1. Takk for en alltid velfundert kommentar, Gertie! Og selvsagt har du rett, vi burde slutte å sette hverandre eller oss selv i bås – og bare stå for det vi gjør, som du har sagt annetsteds. Ellers er jeg også helt enig med deg i ditt håp om at mennesket kan komme til sans og samling før det er for sent.

  9. Oh, Africa. So blessed with nature and all it’s most amazing creatures. As a kid, I often dream of a great Safari adventure. Hasn’t come true yet and for now I will feast in these visual greatness. Thanks.

  10. How wonderful to be able to witness all of this beauty.
    Thank you so much for sharing it here, Otto.
    I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  11. How wonderful you were able to take the time away from the workshop to enjoy this abundance. You’ve photographed it all beautifully. I especially love that last photo. The dwindling light, the lone elephant captures the true essence of wild, peaceful beauty.

  12. I love this presentation. My favourite is number 2, the colour, the light and the expression in the animals faces are perfect, but they are all very good and they all bring the sense of Africa to the viewer. Great way to frame the picture postcard-shots like this!
    Have a lovely day, Otto.
    Greetings from Cley next the Sea

  13. OH I love them. I want to see them bigger. I love the light, the color, the movement, the camouflage. I was in Botswana when I was just learning about a camera and what it could do. I did get some photos I liked and some images at least remind me of certain sights, like the lioness looking down at me from a tree. More pictures of Africa please ? 🙂

  14. These images are amazing! How lucky are you to get so close to these animals, to capture these fantastic pictures. It must have been an experience of a lifetime!

  15. I just had a conversation the other day in which I was asked that if I was given $25,000 dollars to take a round trip anywhere on the planet, where would I go. I settled on the Kenya and Tanzania border because I want to see Mt. KIlimajaro and the Serengeti.

    1. I think there is more to the continent than the wildlife, but yes, it’s a pity indeed that it’s being poached at least some places. Thank you for the comment, Hermann

  16. Well those certainly are different animals to see then around here. I get way too excited when I see them even here and have to calm myself and take a breath just so I can focus and try to get what I want. Your shots are wonderful showing such a different world in nature.

  17. Very enjoyable photos, Otto. I do like the sense of being in the wild and, well, being “IN” the wild with those animals. (Is that confusing?) Web “speak” just doesn’t convey feeling. You may not consider yourself a nature photographer, but these photos say otherwise.

  18. What an amazing set of images – many compliments on these stunning photos! My absolute favourite is your last shot. The elephant’s silhouette against those beautiful tones of the setting sun is marvellous. Bravo!

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