The Universal in the Ordinary






During the Bolivian photo workshop this spring Jesper Voldgaard was one of the participants who showed an amazing development. He has an eye for those little details and situations that tells a bigger story than just what appears at first sight. Jesper is able to transcend the ordinary into something universal. The sadness and openness in a child’s eyes shows the sadness of all children in the world. Two humorous elderly represent all the good spirit of old people. Jesper has a humble approach to his subjects, you see in his pictures the respect he feels for people he encounters and captures. He is a humanitarian photographer in its rightful meaning.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to show more than a handful of Jesper’s pictures, but if you want to see more of his work from Bolivia, you can look up the book Bolivia 2013 which showcases the work of all the participants. All the images are available on preview, but it’s also possible to buy the book.


79 thoughts on “The Universal in the Ordinary

  1. Dear Otto,
    the photographs are wonderful and express the sensitivity
    the photographer.
    It captures all the innocence in children’s eyes
    the humility of the elderly and the great love of the photographer.
    Congratulations from the heart.
    a hug

  2. Beautiful serious of street photos, Otto. And the last street portrait is very touching. Those child’s eyes look straight to the soul. Going to check more Jesper’s work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There is a lot of desperation in Bolivia, but I am not sure I see it the same way. It’s still great you have a different take on Jesper’s pictures. Thank you for the comment!

  3. wow! i took a peek at Jesper’s works and they’re like sociological pieces, sir. also, the book about Bolivia – the captures are laser shots, ahaha. they seem to tell the stories of human longing – what makes for life, what drives people to go on… thank you for sharing these. you guys are excellent artists, hoho. do create more… 🙂

  4. A fantastic artist – what you show here is just amazing .. and I love the photo with the lorry and how he has captured the light on the little dog. I really like his work. Thanks for introducing Jesper.

  5. i do see stories waiting to be told from each of Mr. Volgaard’s photos – the street one with the dog crossing begs for the story to be told. thanks for sharing. ♥

  6. These are great, just great. I really wonder about the two women peeking around that corner. Would love to see the wider picture on that one.

  7. These are such wonderful photos. I would love to know more about the subjects and the settings. They are truly compelling. I love the way you describe Jesper as a humanitarian photographer. That says a great deal about his character, as well as talent. Lovely!

  8. It is the ordinary that pierces our soul to feel and relate. You capture life in a haunting, moving, pure way my friend. You spoke in images what words can’t say but your subjects in these pics.

  9. Jesper does have an eye for details. I love how he often got into different perspectives on the photos. Like the truck as if he was to be run over. Amazing emotional photos as well.

  10. Just finally checked the book out was great seeing everyones different view on the trip and quickly could see the differences in different approaches people took the a scene. Or how different scenes drew the attention more to one photography. The book depicted such a hard poor life. Thanks for sharing it.

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