A Classical Photographer





Rudy Hemmingsen is a photographer with a classical trained eye. In his photograph he likes to get close to people, capturing what could be said to be traditional portraits with a focus on showing people’s character in a straightforward manner. He doesn’t need to use artificial manipulation in the post-processing, but trusts his ability to observe and catch the spirit of his fellow human beings at the moment of capture. Rudy is drawn to life, to graceful composition, to light and colours. He uses all the characteristic features provided by the camera to capture the worlds as he sees it, for instance using a slow shutter speed as some of the examples here shows.

Rudy’s pictures were taken during the Bolivian photo workshop I taught in Bolivia last spring, and if you want to see more of his pictures from Bolivia, you can look up the book Bolivia 2013 which showcases the work of all the participants. All the images are available on preview, but it’s also possible to buy the book.


54 thoughts on “A Classical Photographer

  1. that opening portrait is incredible! the workshop images reflect the powerful quality of work produced in a very short time. sometimes words are not needed, and the images alone tell us what a rewarding time all of you had in bolivia.

  2. Excellent captures of beautiful expressions. Thank you for sharing other photographer’s works…it is always enlightening. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I absolutely love these portraits. The first two are just wonderful. I love the expressions on the faces and they are true standouts. The other two, somewhat blurred, are really interesting, and I spent quite a little bit of time examining how the “out of focus” really brought me into them differently. I would enjoy experimenting similarly!

  4. a wonderful look at how images are made in the classic style. it reminds me of baking homemade bread verses going to the store to buy a loaf. the old way brings forth a richer product. thanks, Otto and Rudy.

  5. Gorgeous portraits! Their tough life AND yet their happiness is so evident on their faces. A lesson for those of us who lead “the easy life” in a well-developed country.

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