Patient Observations






Ulrik Bang was another participant of the Bolivia workshop earlier this spring. The pictures he took during the workshop show a delicate understanding of composition, often capturing off-moments with an unusual point of view. He has a quiet and unobtrusive style, the observer and the patient bystander more than the intruding photographer. Ulrik sees the world with a compassionate vision and gentle approach. His palette is mostly built around muted and earthly colours.

If you want to see more of Ulrik’s pictures from Bolivia, you can look up the book Bolivia 2013 which showcases the work of all the participants. All the images are available on preview, but it’s also possible to buy the book.

61 thoughts on “Patient Observations

  1. Ulrick has taken some wonderful photographs that draw me into the scenes. The light, color, and feel in the first one is mesmerizing; the second photo is a simple street scene, but yet, not (I’m really studying that one as a reminder for my upcoming trip to Mexico); ah, and that last one…there is a story waiting there. My compliments to Ulrick!!

  2. What a wonderful collection of shots by Ulrik for all the reasons you state Otto! The light and composition of the second shot keeps pulling me back and I so want to explore further.

  3. Really lovely images. The richness and subtlety of the natural palette is, as you note, characteristic here and so in keeping with the down-to-earth, gentle imagery. His terrific compositional eye and the drama of his use of texture and contrast keep it at all highly engaging so that the delicacy doesn’t feel at all passive or dull, only very peaceful.

  4. Your description, “He has a quiet and unobtrusive style, the observer and the patient bystander more than the intruding photographer.” – is spot on. It’s what I love most about these images. He’s not “taking” … he’s observing, in a very respectful manner. I think that comes from slowing down. It makes such a huge difference, something you can see and feel. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You describe his work so aptly: compassionate, muted, earthly tones, unobtrusive, bystander style. They are beautiful memorializations of real everyday lives.

  6. Another set of images that show the power of the frozen moment. His “unobtrusive” style makes for a more believable story. He stays in the shadows telling other people’s narratives. Well done.

  7. My gosh, the way you talk about his work! You sound like you’re describing wine – it’s beautiful. Your appreciation of Ulrik’s work is in all you write.

    It is excellent work, too, & I can imagine what patience he had. I just love, love seeing these other sides of life.

  8. Otto, I love the way you described his style. I can see those qualities in the images posted. I really like the first and the last ones the best. The first is my favorite because of the way he framed it.

  9. I like how you’re highlighting some of your students’ work. Very nice of you, and also gives the rest of us a chance to see different perspectives of similar subjects. Also really like your last post. Never would’ve thought that I’d like a urinal photo, but I really do. Good job!

  10. It’s when we pause, observe intently do we truly see, hear and feel. Amazing, moving pictures that captures life in a constant cycle and change. Best wishes to you and your family.

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