This post is only to notify that I will take a couple of weeks of summer break. Which means no new posting over the next few weeks. I have decided it’s time to recharge the batteries and let go of all duties. I will try to keep up with the Picture Critique, though, so if any of you still want some feedback on your photos, just post it on the page, and I will get back with comments and critique as soon as possible. I thank all you who have followed me up until now; it’s been a great ride, lots of good discussions and much encouragement and lovely comments. I wish you all a very nice summer. See you back in August with new energy, new ideas and hopefully new and wonderful pictures.

47 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Hope you have a very enjoyable and restful summer break.
    Dare I say………will you take a photo (or two) to share afterwards?

  2. Lieve @Otto, wish you enjoy your fantastic summer holiday. Thank you for all your stopping by on my post. Warm regards. Back with your wonderful fotos hunting !

  3. Hi Otto, Time off… recharging the batteries — things I deeply believe in! Good for you! And thank you for leaving us with such a stunning photo to enjoy while you’re away. Hope you have a fabulous summer, and here’s to a cheerful welcome back, whenever that may be. 🙂

  4. Well, it sounds as if your summer vacation will soon be over. I just came by and saw this beautiful picture, and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. It’s really gorgeous!

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