The Small Moments of Life

During the Bolivian workshop in April earlier this year, Klaus Holsting – one of the participants – worked exclusively in colour, went about in his unobtrusive way and mingled with the locals whether in a bar, on a market or at the homes of the people living in the villages we visited during the workshop. He waited for those small moments of life to occur. For more about Klaus’s work in Bolivia look up Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

24 thoughts on “The Small Moments of Life

  1. The image is so powerful in its ability to describe a moment in this man’s day. The strength of the visual narrative allows us to really see possibilities about what might happen next.

  2. What a great set of photos, I think that there is a lot of Otto in them. The lighting and colour are superb as is the content. I particularly like the last one of the boy playing the trumpet. Superb.

  3. hello, sir Otto… small moments do count. and a part of us does remember them, uncannily… lovely series. i find your Blue Hour blog captivating and educational. again, thank you for the things you generously share to us and to the world at large. warm regards to you, your family and friends. 🙂

  4. Otto, thank you for guiding Renee to a Canon Sx50 – I read her post about it and ordered one. I’m in the throes of getting used to it (amazing how even weight plays a role!) but am so very grateful for your recommendation! Perhaps we need to suggest to Canon that you be paid a retainer!

  5. I didn’t mention how much I love to see these works of dedicated photographers and people who dare to transcend themselves. Thanks for posting the results that surely must warm your heart!

  6. The photographer’s patience and great skills he gained from this workshop demonstrates outstanding lessons being taught by passionate teacher(s). Beautiful images. ❤

  7. This photo reminds me of so many things like little kids playing in the bin full of colored balls and the smell of apples. Wonderful feeling and colors in this. I also really like your post about getting in the flow. It’s such a happy place to be for us creatives 🙂

  8. Wonderful vibrant colours and I really like Klaus’s philosophy of mingling with the locals. It is such an important part of social photography to understand the people around you and those you are wanting to photograph as often we can be seen as an unwelcome guest wielding a camera . Thanks for sharing the work of Klaus and I hope you have a great week ahead. Regards, James

  9. Wonderful wonderful. Having come back from Thailand I can see how much more life is had in small moments in daily lives, that those cold air conditioned offices where I feel tortured through the years, aching to get to home time, aching to have some life left in me.

    I love that you live so creatively.

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