In Search of Health

During the Bolivian photo workshop «On the Tracks of Che Guevara» in April this year Jens Panduro, one of the participants, was photographing the health care system in the rural area of Eastern Bolivia. The end result was a touching and honest visualization of how it is to be hospitalized in the small clinics in the towns of this area.

For more more pictures of Jens and information about the workshop, go to the site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.


23 thoughts on “In Search of Health

  1. You are experiencing some amazing times Otto. A friend of went to South America once accompanying some local doctors from Doctors Without Borders. He went as an accomplish amateur photographer. He came back with some wonderful stories.

    1. South America is quite a continent, and there are a lot of stories and wonderful experience all over the place. Thanks for the comment, Robert.

  2. I so appreciate your choice of words of “touching” and “honest.” These lack gross judgement leave room for viewer interpretation! So loved your book on Blurb from Bolivia… wishing I could have gone… so much! But, getting my feet back under me after a sudden, serious, and long- overdue knee rebuild was paramount! But, I have managed to stay in touch with your blog and finally realized Otto that you did not reside in the US! Your English is almost impeccable! After my recent ride through American health care I look forward to more such posts.

    1. Thank you for those wonderful words, Renee. And I am glad to hear that you are finally back on your feet. I hope the knee is good as new again. 🙂

  3. Thank you for bringing yet another success story to us–the chance for one of your wordshop participants to be forever changed by the experience that you created. You’re opening the world for others and yourself.

  4. there’s a scripture that says ‘it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God’…. but God is sweet and tender, i say it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of people and have to trust them to care for you…. this picture hurts my heart

  5. Here in America, we suffer our arrogance over the health care mandate that many politicians want to repeal, kill, undo. This is because many feel that health care is earned. I believe health care is a human right of every person living in a country. It is the job of its government to administer it fairly and equitably. Most of these politicians have their healthcare packages to utilize when they need it. The rest of the population have to wait around and suffer through what ails them. I find this inequality disgusting. We live in a society that would rather exclude than include.

  6. I’d seen a very similar images when I worked in the Philippines so many years ago. It makes me appreciate the little blessings I have and at the same time makes me care more for those who have less materially. People in America don’t realize how lucky they are that despite of the economy, they have a government that provides free care for them. That doesn’t happen in a third world country.

  7. Amazing to see a place where Che Guevara had been. Wow. I recently watched the movie, Motorcycle Diaries based on his earlier memoirs before becoming the famous revolutionary. Thanks for sharing. ❤

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