My Children’s Heritage

Lars Bertelsen was one of the participants of the Bolivian workshop this spring. He was working on a very personal project. His amazing black and white photos are both an inner travel about his own relationship to children of Bolivia as well as a literal look at how children live in this Latin-American country. Lars’ photos come across with a clear vision and a very personal expression.

For more look up Blue Hour Photo Workshops.


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Photographer based in Norway
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18 Responses to My Children’s Heritage

  1. The Hook says:

    Wonderful share, old friend.

  2. janechese says:

    I like these photos, interesting compositions and intimate look at a child’s life in play, in every day life..

  3. Lim See Yee says:

    Hello! Great Post and Pic!
    See this too:

    or following me…=)

  4. Black and white images are so powerful. Love this one.

  5. A strong image, I particularly appreciate the composition. The participants in your workshop for sure made a good work.

  6. RuneE says:

    Dette var utenom det vanlige. En hel historie i et bilde. Det lille barnet på armen midt i all slagget eller hva det er sier mye.

  7. lensandpensbysally says:

    Another stunning example of images resulting from your mentoring. The powerful photographic narrative conjures strong emotional reactions.

  8. David Hall says:

    Wonderful photo which really do suit the black and white processing. The young girl carrying her baby sibling is something that we see a lot of in the developing world, not so much in the ‘developed’.

  9. joshi daniel says:

    nice share and a wonderful black and white 🙂

  10. Lisaman says:

    lovely pic.. interesting surroundings!!

  11. The image has such a beautiful quality to it!

  12. CherryPie says:

    Powerful image!

  13. Sunshine says:

    thanks for sharing. the photographs are so clear and sharp.

  14. Luiza says:

    WONDERFUL Caprure♥ Can feel this moment…

  15. What a stunning image!

  16. Paula says:

    Captivating scene!

  17. Wonderful emotive images that tell the children’s story. It was a pleasure to visit the blog and to read about Lars. Thanks for sharing Otto and have a great weekend.

  18. Sony Fugaban says:

    The photograph is moving.

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