The Bolivian Photo Book

A selection of the best photographs by the participants to the Bolivian workshop «In the Footsteps of Che Guevara» earlier this year that I taught with my colleague Sven Creuztmann is now edited together in a book available on Blurb. The 16 Danish photographers who travelled around in Eastern Bolivia during the workshop all had different approaches, different themes for their shooting and different photographic styles. But what they all had in common was dedication and eagerness to capture various aspects of the lives in Bolivia. The result as it is manifested in this book is magnificent.

The pictures all have strong personal expressions, are rich in tones and stories and stand out each and every one of them. Some of the stories told by the photographs are linier and some are more tangible and conceptual, and as a whole they give a deep and multifaceted face of a country with a rich human culture and nature, but also with utterly poverty and harsh living conditions.

The whole book is possible to preview on Blurb by following the link beneath, and of course it’s possible to by the book as well, either as hardcover or softcover. If you are fascinated by photography – and in particular documentary photography – this is a book you should look up if only the preview. It’s simply a collection of stunning photographs.

2013 Bolivia on Blurb

27 thoughts on “The Bolivian Photo Book

  1. Gorgeous! I wish I was able to get that kind of access to people! Or perhaps, that I had the nerve to try… Did you know those people beforehand?

    1. First of all these aren’t my photos. But no, I can say positively that the participants who took these photos didn’t know any of the people before. So, yes, it comes down to getting out of the comfort zone and approach people. 🙂

  2. Obviously, the participants in your worship benefitted from the experience. The result is a tour de force of documentary photography. Well done and good luck with it.

  3. hello, sir Otto… thanks for the visit… i have taken a look at the book – just wonderful. your team must have worked well together and it shows in the outcome, ahaha. congratulations. 🙂

    i hope i could get a copy of the work (i haven’t tried ordering books online, shipping’s quite expensive here). those photographs look intelligent, ahaha. 🙂 warm regards

  4. A marvelous collection of images, Otto, and fascinating to see the change of style from one photographer to another. Nothing like going to a completely different culture to dray your attention to the details that might fade into the background in your familiar environment. I miss that part of traveling 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed the preview! Such talented photographers. I just love the way faces are captured with so much expression and somehow reveal an inner light. The photos are powerful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful book. I celebrate the artists who created it!

  6. I previewed the book, Otto. These people, their lives, their environment, are all documented in these vivid photos. Wonderful. Must have been a successful workshop.

  7. wow, very beautiful, Otto. the little boy using the bucket to relieve himself…☺ and thank you for sharing Blurb. learned something new about self-publishing.

  8. Magnificent. I will view. From my lounge room, a quiet and safe place – to see the real world.

    Thank you for your brilliant site.

  9. Oh my! What a spectacular treasure you have put together depicting the beauty in a difficult life. I would find it impossible to pick a favorite. For some reason the old woman peeking over the dutch door struck an unnerving chord with me, don’t know why, congratulations, a brilliant effort well done.

  10. Excellent work all the good people have done in this book. My daughter is travelling in Bolivia (and other South American countries in the autumn, I think I will buy this book for her!

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