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Lunsj på en av mange kafeer i SeattleThis week I am on assignment in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a dream for most photographers. As soon as I have processed the pictures I will get back with a post from Lisbon. In the meantime I’ll present some of my latest Instagram photos.

I have to admit I haven’t been very active using neither my cell phone nor Instagram for shooting lately; I have simply been too busy again. But I really notice nothing boosts the inspiration and creativity as much as playing around with Instagram – at least for a photographer like me. The format and the simple approach makes it all so much more playful and informal compared to when I use one of my regular cameras. I simply have no expectations when I am photographing with my cell phone, which means I can completely relax during the shooting process.

The result is totally different than anything else I would usually do. Not necessarily better, but it’s definitely expanding my approach to photography. And when I feel uninspired or even indifferent, I can get myself going by just playing around with the Instagram app.

If you are interested in following me, my profile name is ottovonmunchow.

45 thoughts on “More Instagram

  1. They each have a retro aesthetic, which boosts their nostalgic appearance. I agree that using an iPhone or any Smartphone to shoot requires a push of one’s way of seeing. These experiments are always a good lesson about our visuality and visual landscape. I have not made the plunge into Instagram. The blog is enough. With all you do, my hat is off to you for being able to do it. I was at a high school function the other day, and only had my iPhone. Was also taking images of groups of kids legs and shoes. That’s why I’m captured by your last photograph: gives clues to the wearer.

    1. Thanks for a great comment, Sally. The new apps certainly pusher our understanding of the visual language and bring new forms to our expression.

  2. Instagram is a fun way to just let loose and get the creative and/or crazy juices going. You can find me at angelinem1. I really like that photo of the cup of whatever that is with the cream on top…a cappuccino?

    1. You don’t have to like Instagram or any of the other apps. It’s there for those who fancy them, and it’s certainly not the only way to make pictures! 🙂

    1. It’s all about having fun with these apps. One shouldn’t take them too serious, for that is the whole point. Thanks for the comment, Michelle.

  3. Not tried instagram myself, but I am also in Portugal this week although I am on holiday with my family And you know what, the camera I have used most is not my DSLR, but my IPhone!

  4. Fun to see how a serious professional photographer “plays” and recharges his batteries! These are really lighthearted and fun.

    1. That is really the whole point with Instagram and the likes, to have fun. And of course professional photographers want to play. Thanks for the comment, KarenAnn.

  5. I particularly like your comment ‘I simply have no expectations when I am photographing with my cell phone, which means I can completely relax during the shooting process.’ I think most of us are guilty of ‘trying to hard’ on occasions – wanting to produce a great image – when, if we relaxed and just experienced the moment, we might well produce spontaneous pictures with more life and vitality.

    1. I think you are quite right about this, Louis. In the effort to make great images we get stuck in our own mindset and end up creating much less than great pictures. Thank you for a thoughtful comment.

  6. I do follow you on Instagram! You do some wonderful work even if you call it playing! 🙂 I hope you’ve really been enjoying Lisbon. I have heard nothing but raves from anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit.

  7. Aww the red legs with the red reflexion of the painting. These apps are like painting with your unaccustomed hand. New surprises pop up and jar us out of repeating ourselves in our normal work.

  8. These are wonderful (and yes, playful), Otto. I noticed that I have a similar reaction (a sense of play) when I use my little everything-proof point-and-shoot. It’s good not to take things seriously all the time. 🙂

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