Bird Catch

Morgenstemning langs elven Li

Along the river of Li in the Guangxi province in China traditional fisheries are still very much alive. On this beautiful river that flows through a gorgeous scenery of limestone rocks and lush hillsides cormorants are used for catching the fish. This is a tradition that has been passed down through generations over hundreds of years. For more pictures go to Øystein & Otto’s Blog.


29 thoughts on “Bird Catch

  1. How lovely those fisheries along the river you speak of. What a life, so ground roots and real. Great pictures.

  2. That is beautiful. Like time froze in such a wonderful place. It’s inspiring to know that despite of the modernization, sights and places like these are still preserved. Something the rest of the world can learn from. Protecting nature, keeping traditions and culture intact, valuing our roots are very important to make sure something this priceless can be enjoyed by generations to come.

  3. Great contrast of the light and the shadow. Since I am primarily a Black and White photographer, I love that you captured those shades of light in color. This is the country that must have inspired those wonderful Chinese paintings that I love.

    On another note. Do you find it difficult to put a title on your photos? I find this one of the harder things I do. It feels like I am limiting the image. Would it be better to number my photos? Did Cartier-Bresson put titles on his photos?

  4. An exquisite shot of wonderful location – even if it is running downhill a bit! Thank you Otto for your recent comments and encouragement, it really is appreciated.

    And I must add that I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t get to comment on all your posts, life’s a little frantic at the moment, I’m so short of time, and will be for the next three weeks, then hopefully back to normal.

    1. Don’t worry if you don’t always have time to comment my post. I think I am equally guilty as charged. We do this for fun and when we have some time. Enjoy the day!

  5. The scenery, the fisherman and boat – this image looks timeless until one notices the faint traces of power lines in the sky. I find that contrast between the old and new fascinating.

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