Children of Bolivia

During the Bolivian photo workshop in April many of the participants were photographing the children of the country. Christian Thelin was one of the participants who captured their beauty, playfulness and hope with sensibility and passion. To see more Bolivian pictures by Thelin, go to Blue Hour Photo Workshops.


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Photographer based in Norway
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22 Responses to Children of Bolivia

  1. rem_la says:

    magnifique ce portrait

  2. semprevento says:

    you are incredible…!!!
    thanks for your emotion!!

  3. rangewriter says:

    I so admire photographers who capture the hearts and souls of people in their portraits. I am horrible at people shots.

  4. RuneE says:

    Enticing! There is life in those eyes! BTW – what does the law say about photographing children (or adults for that matter) in Bolivia?

  5. We are spying on her soul, which is heartfelt and troubling. Truly, it’s a well-captured portrait. Now i’m going to see Thelin’s work.

  6. Those eyes…wonderful work.

  7. That’s a lovely portrait!

  8. fgassette says:

    Very dramatic in black and white.


  9. granny1947 says:

    Incredible pic…thanks for sharing.

  10. Inge says:

    I’ve visited Thelin’s work. Incredible portraits! I wish I could make some photos like that one day. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it, Otto. 🙂

  11. dalo2013 says:

    Incredible photos. Children are the heart of soul of who we are, and to be able to capture their spirit in these photos is wonderful. Amazing work.

  12. fotonita says:

    Jeg var inne å tittet på på Thelins bilder – sterke, nydelige portretter!

  13. Your Bolivian workshop went well judging from the work posted on Blue Hour. It seems Christian Thelin has a gift for capturing an emotional portrait for the viewer while keeping the childlike innocence intact.

  14. This one felt like a grip on the heart! I guess that’s what photography should do after all.
    Brilliant composition. I loved the whole story here, especially the one in the background.

  15. Bashar A. says:

    Love the expression you captured

  16. likeitiz says:

    I checked out the photos at the site you provided. Very nice! They all tell a story.

  17. KarenAnn says:

    Those children seem to be mature beyond their apparent ages but the hopeful spirit shines through in those lovely photos. Well done!

  18. A standout image. The contrasting echo of the adult at work in the background adds an extra dimension to the scene. The others in this series are also very satisfying images.

  19. RedWillow says:

    So Very Beautiful

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