The Bolivian Experience

Although I have just returned from one workshop in Malawi, there are still a lot of great photos from the previous workshop I taught in Bolivia. Here is an amazing picture by one of the participants, Mikael Hjuler.

For more; look up Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

22 thoughts on “The Bolivian Experience

  1. Great capture. I like the the way the photographer has captured the ‘bump’ in the opposite cheek of the two men. Wonder what made the ‘bump’ :0)

  2. I really enjoy looking at this photo and searching for clues to the story of the men and their interesting “bump.” I’m so glad you included the link to Blue Hour Photo Workshops. I love this photo and was glad to find the answer! Your workshops sound so interesting, Otto. I am absolutely certain the participants are very happy with their experience.

  3. Great picture. This picture by someone else has feeling of your photography style as far as the composition is concerned. Thanks for sharing, Otto.

  4. This gives me the giggles for some reason, Otto. Maybe it’s because the Bolivian has obviously showed this “recruit” how to do “it” and neither is sure about being photographed – albeit for different reasons. It does look like two naughty boy! 🙂

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