Back from Another Workshop







Yesterday I returned from the second workshops I have taught in a row. This time it was taking place in Malawi with a group of Norwegian journalists. As always when teaching a workshop it’s an intensive 10 days of work, but the group was hardworking and fantastic to travel along with. And judging by the feedback they seemed to have enjoyed and had great value from the workshop and the six Malawian journalists we were cooperating with. Every day we were up early in the morning and didn’t stop before late in the evening. A workshop is not a holiday, but hard work and takes a lot of effort. The workshop which I taught along with Øystein (with whom I run Øystein & Otto’s Blog), doesn’t give me a lot of time to photograph myself, but above is nevertheless a handful of photos from the week and a half in Malawi.


92 thoughts on “Back from Another Workshop

  1. Beautiful photos. Each opens up to a story and I’d love to know more about the people and their lives. I hope you’ll be able to share more after you get somer rest. You really have been tremendously busy, Otto, and I’m sure the participants in the workshop have learned so much. What a wonderful opportunity!

    1. I think it was a great opportunity both for the participants and myself. I will hopefully get to show more work from Malawi later on. Thank you for the comment, Debra.

  2. Wonderful photos.
    And while workshops can be hard work and result in very long days, it was good to see you managed to take some time out to capture a few images for yourself.

    1. Usually there isn’t much time to do any shooting myself when I teach a workshop, but every so often I try to make it happen. Thank you Victoria.

    1. This workshop is about reporting from abroad or in a foreign country. Basically for journalists who already know their craft but need experience working in particular in a developing country.

  3. Incredible photos, Otto. They are each alive, and I can almost feel the story behind them. I am riveted by that third photo; I can’t decide if it’s their eyes, their poses, or exactly what it is that captures my attention.

  4. Time goes by so fast but, in a week or two in another country you can be influenced for years by things you saw and did there. Like me remembering the colors on the walls in peoples homes in Vietnam or Bhutan.

  5. Compelling photos, Otto – I especially love the “in church” image with its unexpected double responses to the same situation. The colors, the point of views, the immediacy of the images – wonderful!

  6. Malawi culture seems to have so much bright colors and you captured their activities so well. the last photo with the dancer is precious…as the little girl at the door. great to hear it all went well. ☺

  7. This is beautiful. Stirs our hearts to the world beyond the walls we live in. More truthful than some of T.V. stuff we see. You were there and what you saw your camera captured in vividness.

  8. Wonderful faces. Do you also do B&W? Your color is spectacular, but I would like to see your BW work, too. Thank you for dropping by my new blog, too. I would appreciate comments, too.I live and worked in Sierra Leone for 6 months. Took a few photos during the craziness.

  9. Beautiful photos, full of emotion and life…the workshops you take part in are wonderful. Look forward to more of your photos and adventures.

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