Dancing with Waves





Last weekend me and my love one had some great time recharging our batteries. We first went skiing for the last time this season and then went to Orcas Island, one of the islands of the San Juan archipelago. The islands are situated in the opening of Puget Sound just north of Seattle.

As I have written before anyone working in the creative field need time off to recuperate and replenish their creative well. Those days at Orcas Island did just that for us. We went kayaking along the shores of the island in beautiful sunsets, under blue skies and in warm spring temperatures, but we also got caught in more wind and choppier waves than we felt quite at ease with. Those days did wonders to erase my mind of any stress and clear my thoughts of work and duties – even the more scary moments when kayaking on white caps felt more like dancing with wolves than a graceful tango. Of course I took pictures, I photographed quite a bit as a matter of fact, but it was all for fun and never felt like work (as much as I love my work, I still need to feel I am not working from time to time). Now I feel ready to proceed with my creative projects and start working my long days again. As I said we all need time off from time to time. It does wonders.

Talking about new projects, as I am posting this I am about to start teaching a new photo workshop in Bolivia. It’s the same workshop as I announced my colleague and friend Sven Creutzmann will teach in October. This time we have 16 Danish photographers travelling and photographing with us in the footsteps of Che Guavara. If you would like to have an idea how a workshop like this feels like, we will be posting daily reports and stories from our teaching on the blog of Blue Hour Photo Workshop. Have a look if you are considering joining one of our workshops. Have look even if you don’t…


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91 Responses to Dancing with Waves

  1. the photos are peaceful and stunning. it’s great that you had a ‘recharge’ before embarking on the next journey. buen viaje; i hope that the bolivia workshop goes well. z

    • munchow says:

      Thanks for the nice comment about the pictures, Lisa. And, yes both the Bolivian workshop and the next one in Malawi were great (as you understand I am a little behind with replies 🙂 ).

      • i often wonder how you manage the long queu of comments! sometimes i will comment or answer a comment, hit ‘reply’ and assume that it went through.. but sometimes it doesn’t, and i find later that there are many that were left out.

        don’t ever feel obligated to reply to mine, especially if it keeps you from your photography or writing!

  2. niasunset says:

    WOW! Everything seems so romantic and so beautiful… Thank you dear Otto, love, nia

  3. Your “Dancing with Waves” made me feel rested and relaxed just looking at them. They are beautiful.

  4. Otto, I always look forward to your posts and compositions… These are beautiful images….

  5. Sunshine says:

    …lovely moments, Otto…thanks for sharing. ♥

  6. Angeline M says:

    I especially like that second photo. The water looks so soft, and the snowy mountain top on the right background is perfect. Sounds like a wonderful time of battery recharging.

  7. Rick Diffley says:

    Terrific place to play and explore. We often travel there, only a short 4 hour drive & a ferry boat ride. Thanks for sharing the great images

  8. Great that you got that much needed break, Otto. Lovely images. I really like your use of open space in them. All the best for Bolivia. I don’t suppose you’re passing through Santiago, this time, but if you are, please get in touch.

    • munchow says:

      Thanks for the well-wishing, Andrew (a little belated). Unfortunately the road didn’t lead to Santiago this time. But Chile is definitely on my list.

  9. Chillbrook says:

    So beautiful Otto, the photographs are so clean somehow, so sharp. I aspire to take photographs like you do one day. Thank you for providing the continued inspiration.

  10. David Hall says:

    Wonderful lighting in these shots Otto. You deserved the well earned rest.

  11. lensandpensbysally says:

    Lovely captures from a time of renewal and connection with nature. Hope that the workshop is memorable. Wish that I could be with the group.

  12. WildBlack says:

    Gorgeous images 🙂

  13. fgassette says:

    Your photos are beautiful. Love the last two the most.


  14. semprevento says:

    wonderful….I love your images.

  15. rrosen1 says:

    I think a great place for a workshop would be on the coast of Maine. You could start in Portland, Maine.

    • munchow says:

      Thank you for the idea. I have never been to Portland, Maine, or Main at all so maybe this is good idea on more than one way? (Maybe except for the fact I will be competing with big brother in terms of workshops 😉 )

  16. elizz says:

    beautiful shots otto.. and my favorite is the 3rd photo.

  17. restlessjo says:

    Those soft, serene colours! I love them. And the movement of the water. They look great in the chunky white border too.
    Off to check out Blue Hour.

  18. Now that looks fun!

  19. Ah, Orcas Island. I took my kids there for a holiday and stayed at the Gnome House at Deer Harbor, a wonderfully-crafted, quirky, kid-thrilling house right out of a fairy tale. I agree with you, Orcas Island is relaxing and energizing.

    • munchow says:

      Orcas Island is indeed a special place. We did paddle out from Deer Harbor one day. Sounds like you had a great time with your kids back then.

  20. justmusing says:

    enchanting post, photos and – title ; )

  21. Your post reminds me that I can use a vacation and Orcas Island sounds like a great place! “Dancing with Waves” – inspirational!

    • munchow says:

      I can definitely recommend Orcas Island or all the islands of San Juan if you need a vacation away from everything. Thank you for the comment, Renee.

  22. dadirri7 says:

    thanks for sharing the orcas islands, it looks so restful, but i love your description of dancing with wolves on the whitecaps! brilliant photos otto, the low spring light …

  23. victoriaaphotography says:

    Lovely images, Otto. They made me feel totally rested and as if I was on holiday with you. You’ve captured the real mood of the holiday.
    (wish I could afford to go on holiday at the moment, but I had to make do with a week off the computer).

  24. Geoff says:

    These images speak of gliding across calm waters and the soft sounds of water lapping on hollow fibreglass hulls. Peaceful indeed and beautifull rendered 🙂

  25. Java Girl says:

    Such serenity and peace when I see these photos. Wow….makes me want to take the day off tomorrow and just kayak somewhere. Lucky for me, this weekend I’ll be up in the Pocono Mountains where I too will be resting up and just forgetting about the stresses of the world. Great photos Otto!

  26. dearrosie says:

    Your photos are simply splendid Otto. And I love your title “dancing with waves”!

  27. likeitiz says:

    Skiing white slopes and gliding across these calm waters. What a contrast but at the same time, each activity offers solace and as you mentioned, a chance to recharge the mind and the body. Good to see you brought your love along with you.

  28. loganbruin says:

    Love that first shot. As a SoCal boy I’d imagine it’d be too cold for me to stay long enough to get it, so kudos. ;o)

  29. The glow of the sun in those photos is just amazingly beautiful. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to recharge your batteries! We aren’t machines and we need to remember that! 🙂

  30. fabrizio says:

    beautifuil experencie

  31. Nice to know you had a good relaxing time. Yes, batteries sometimes need to be recharged. And there are not many things like a few hours on the water to do this.

  32. Patti Kuche says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots Otto and well done on resting and recharging as you take us from one exciting adventure to another.

  33. RuneE says:

    Jeg kan godt forstå at dette ladet batteriene – bare det å SE bildene hjelper.

  34. emilyjsantos says:

    What an amazing adventure. I am trying to plan some trips as well. I think while we still have time, we have to enjoy all the great places this world has to offer. Glad you guys had a great time. 🙂

  35. Serene images Otto with a terrific read, it so important as you have often pointed out that one should aim to recharge ones creative and thought batteries. But it is also great to exercise the body and to feel exhilarated along the way.

  36. KarenAnn says:

    I can understand how you could be recharged by a getaway to this location as your photographs (for fun, only, as you say) are just stunning! Your talent is evident even when “off-duty”. Thanks for sharing all your experiences and photographs.

  37. That is a beautiful, serene place to recharge and just enjoy a moment with nature, friends and family.

  38. Fergiemoto says:

    Stunning photos!
    Glad you were able to recharge the batteries.

  39. Carrie says:

    Thank you for all your visits to my blogs while I was away. Looks like you certainly did recharge during this outing. Skiing then kayaking only in the pacific northwest could you do this in the spring. So glad to hear your batteries are recharged the day showed in your beautiful photos.

  40. oceanshoresonline says:

    Reblogged this on Ocean Shores Online.

  41. Such stunning, serene scenes. Given all the globetrotting you do, I can see how such a day would offer welcome respite.

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