Sale of a Deathsman

Øystein and I are still full of stories from Malawi that we keep wanting to share. This time we take a look at a thriving business in the country – a business which thrives on not exactly the happy aspects of life – or as a matter of fact the end of life. But as they say, one man’s death is another man’s life.

You will find the story on Øystein & Otto’s Blog.

21 thoughts on “Sale of a Deathsman

  1. Now that you have some distance from these experiences, will you write about your personal journey–the spiritual awakening that I’m sure came through your lens. For those of us that have never witnessed life in a place such as Malawi, your stories are first-person narratives that touch the soul.

  2. Herlige, flotte bilder og interessant reportasje fra et land som er helt ukjent for meg. Ser fram til flere poster fra reisen deres!
    GOD PÅSKE! ; )

  3. Sad but true, ” But as they say, one man’s death is another man’s life.” Perfect picture to speak of a reality that we all face today. Some refuse to see and open their eyes while others did open their eyes to the truth and are better , happier people because they started to care about the suffering of others and everything around them.

  4. That is a very interesting image, Otto…the thoughts it provokes…we are silly animals with how we commemorate ourselves…please just wrap me in a sheet and let me return quickly to the earth…..

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