In Between

Nygårdshøyden etter en kraftig snøfall
Just before the weekend I returned from quite an adventurous trip to Malawi together with my friend and colleague Øystein. As some of you have already followed us along the various explorations on our common blog Øystein og Otto’s Blog – A Skewed Glimpse of the World I won’t say much about the trip itself here. We went to Malawi to do a couple of stories as well as to prepare for a workshop we are going to give in this beautiful but also very poor country in late April. Our trip was in every sense of the word very successful but even more importantly for Øystein and me; we had a great time together and just enjoyed the travel and exploration in itself.

It was quite a shock to get back to Bergen, Norway. It was freezing cold – and on Saturday I even went skiing up in the mountains close by. Quite a change from the steaming and hot Malawi. From sub-tropical rain forest to alpine winter. In light of this change I thought it would be appropriate to post a winter picture of Bergen from earlier this season when the snow was piling up all over the city. Admittedly right now the snow has pretty much gone, but the temperature is still below freezing. While posting this I am again on my way, this time to Seattle and hopefully a feeling of a bit of spring. Maybe. In other words I am only shortly dropping by before heading out again.

On a different note; I have long wanted to update you on the process of the Best Photo Blogs. As some of you know, I invited all you readers to submit your favourite photo blog for an informal competition. By the end of the deadline I received more than 400 suggestions, which of course was nothing less than fantastic. But it has taken time to go through them all and categorize them. I am still working through all the suggestions, so the silence the last month isn’t because I have abandoned the whole thing, but just me needing more time to examine and categorize the blogs. Soon – or more likely in a couple of weeks – I will get back with the result of the process.

While at it I also want to say that I will soon be back with another round of Picture Critique. I haven’t forgotten about this possibility to receive critique on pictures you would like to get feedback on. I’ll soon announce another round, so stay in tune.


74 thoughts on “In Between

  1. It is strange to see Bergen with all that snow. And contrary to you we still have got at a lot of it, and will be getting more. Impressed by the Malawi project and work! Kjempefint bilde!

  2. Quite a shock to the system I’d imagine. I’ve enjoyed following you Malawi adventures Otto. Thanks for the update on the ‘best photo blogs’ project.

  3. Welcome home dear Otto, you did a great job in Malawi, it was amazing. And now in snowy days you are… You are travelling between climate changes… Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    1. Yes, I have had quite a climate changes lately, and it still continues, now from spring in Seattle to the end of the rainy season in Bolivia… Thanks Nia.

  4. I like the people in between the houses to visualize the process of a transition in what you are doing. Oh, what a rude awakening going from one climatic extreme to another.Glad to see you enjoying the journey as am I as I follow your blogs.

    1. It doesn’t really feel like a rude awakening going from sunny Malawi to cold Norway. I actually like those changes…. Thanks for the nice comment, Jane.

  5. ha! used to live in Seattle. This time of year, not to be negative, but the suicide hotlines are busy, the culmination of so many damp, cold, grey, rainy days. Have fun Otto, BYOSun. I do love Seattle!

    1. Well, coming from Bergen where it rains twice as much as in Seattle (and that is a fact – I have checked the statistics), Seattle seems to be a sunny city for me. Thanks, Christina!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hi! So nice to meet you. I need to browse around to find out more about you and your blog. Sounds like you do a good bit of traveling around the world. Very pretty street shown above, even if it is piled with snow!

  7. This photo caught my eye and thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I had known aabout you before your photo project. I will keep my eye on your blog and your travels sound fascinating! The snow reminds me how the desert where I live has been over 95 degrees and how much I love it! Never been to Norway but I love your shot!

  8. This is quite an undertaking (Best Photo Blogs), but I’ll bet it’s been a wonderful experience.
    Wishing you a great weekend!

  9. Wow! That is a lot of snow. It’s very beautiful (as long as I don’t have to shovel it…lol!). I think the Best Photo Blogs is a huge project, and with all the traveling as well, I hope you find time for yourself in between. 🙂

    1. Yes, I am a little over my head with the Best Photo Blog, but I will just have to use time to get through it all. Thanks for the encouragement, Robin.

  10. Wonderful photo Otto. Wow all that snow on a city street!
    I also enjoyed your posts from Africa. So many brilliant photos.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the Best Photo Blog project – more than 400 photos? That’s an enormous task.

  11. Why are so many American towns and cities so fragile-seeming – some seem almost ready to blow away, or even fall down – while European towns and cities are solid, substantial and always more beautiful?

    Thank-you for your great blog!

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