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Jambo, from Nairobi. A couple of fantastic weeks in Africa are over and we’re having our debrief in the business class lounge in Yomo Kenyatta Airport.

We have reached the following conclusions (by unanimous decision). First of all we thank you all for following us, liking us and giving us feedback during this trip. We are fully aware that our texts have some grammatical hiccups, but judging from your response, the messages have come across all the same.

You know, this blog-format is fantastic. It enables us to tell stories that never would have been published otherwise. Being freelance photojournalists we both know which stories will sell and which stories we’ll never be paid to do. Unfortunately the unsellable ones often are the most interesting ones – both to read and write. Therefore it is great to have an electronic window in which to display the work the commercial media…

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  1. Love this photo of the two of you. I’m so far behind with my blogging that I didn’t know you were in Africa. Welcome back Otto! I’m going to read the posts backwards.

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