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The little fish spots the danger too late. The net is all around it. If the blue little creature was able to analyse it’s chances of survival it would probably have concluded that being caught in a net is B-A-D news. But as thoughts like this is way beyond fish of any species, it has no idea of it’s faith. And even if it had the logical ability, it definitely would lack the fantasy to understand that it’s about to become an attraction overseas. The diver who managed to wrap his net around it works for Stuart M. Grant, Ltd, a company that exports aquarium fish from Lake Malawi worldwide.

─I love chasing the fish and finally catching them, Musa Kamendo (38) says and lifts a blue Placodon out of the plastic drum that serves as aquarium until he gets ashore again tomorrow.

Musa is one of the divers who…

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  1. Great photos. Isn’t it dangerous to be catching fish that adorns aquariums across the world? Don’t these people put their lives in danger?

  2. hello, sir Otto… as before, I really do enjoy reading posts by Oystein og Otto’s blog. he writes well and convincingly – hitting the ground running, ahaha. thanks for sharing. warm regards… 🙂 ~San

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