Untold Stories

The distance from Lilongwe to Livingstonia Beach (Lake Malawi) is 120 kilometers. Less than two hours if you have your own car. Most Africans don’t. Our quest is, and will always be, to do like the locals. Therefore the $100 trip by taxi is out of the question. Africans who want to move long distances over land are likely to choose the microbuses that zig zag this continent. But to be honest they stink. Literally they stink. They also stink in every other meaning of the word. So how do you move when expensive taxies and crammed microbuses are out of the question? Answer: You hitchhike.

─Where are you going, brother, the driver asks and kills his engine. Petrol is expensive, and talk is cheap.

─Salima, we answer, knowing that Lake Malawi is some 120 k down the road.

─Oh, I’m sorry. I am only going half way, the driver…

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  1. Thank you for a new perspective on this… have collected a couple hitchhiking stories along my travels too! Thank you -Renee

  2. It’s amazing how it is easier, more fun and way safer to hitch hike in third world countries as compared to lets say America. It’s sad that stories of scary hitch hiking events tarnished the otherwise cheaper, more creative, exciting way to travel. It’s also a great way to meet friends and interesting people.

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