My colleague, Oystein, and I are out travelling again. This time it’s to Malawi. As usual we will publish daily post on our blog. The post I will reblog here as well – if you are interested to follow us. Our purpose with this travel is partly to do stories from Malawi and partly to prepare for a workshop we are going to teach here later in April this year. I hope you will enjoy our small glimpses of everyday life in Malawi.

Untold Stories

─Hey sister, give me two bottles of green.

The gap between the metal bars are just wide enough for bottles to pass through. 500 kwatcha ($1,5) is exchanged for two bottles of Carlsberg.

─Do you like the Gunners? I like the Gunners, the guy with the Arsenal t-shirt and the two bottles asks as he wanders off with a slight sway, not waiting for any answer.

We are having a drink in Woody woodpecker. The name sounds innocent enough, but the address is slightly nastier. This legendary bottle store is situated in Devil Street. This tiny strip of broken tarmac and dirt isn’t really called Devil Street, but as the three main sources of income here are booze, sex and illegal gambling the name serves it’s purpose: It attracts some people, and scare off others. Most, no to say all, mzungus stay well clear. To us it’s like a magnet…

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  1. These photos and story remind me of drawing in a cafe in Morocco. We were the only women ib there, a man leaned down and said to me, “You can do anything you want, You are an American,”

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