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I am having more and more fun with the app Instagram. I have written about it before like in my post Instagram my Backyard. Actually in a comment in that post Gertie asks me the following question: «You are a skilled and creative photographer, you master your cameras, you know the technique… why don’t you make use of this… you hardly need these new fancy approaches? Is this today’s mantra and reality… professionals need to adapt towards the amateur to stand any chance?»

I think it’s both an interesting and relevant question. And I certainly understand Gertie’s objections. But for me I see it somewhat differently. I don’t try to adapt to whatever is the fashion, but I look upon Instagram as one more of many tools I can use in my work. Besides it’s definitely not something I have to do, on the contrary, I find great pleasure in playing with the app. And I really just play around with it. Besides I like trying out new possibilities and not get stuck in one way of approaching my photography.

Here are a handful of Instagram pictures I have taken over the last couple of weeks. I will continue shooting and using the app, and if you are interested you can follow me on Instagram. My profile name is ottovonmunchow. How about you? Do you enjoy all those new apps (Instagram is only one of many out there)?

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  1. I love Instagram (and have just followed you)! I am not a professional photographer but an amateur enthusiast and I love my DSLR too. I use them both separately, although many people do upload their DSLR photos and even professional shots onto Instagram. It is a great sharing platform, easy to use, convenient and you can still use and improve on basic photography skills right there on your iPhone. There are many different challenges to get involved in on Instagram and by using this app, it has helped my overall skill level and creativity! Love your shot of the pink flamingoes!

  2. I do not use Instagram (yet?) but I like your Instagram photos. And I like the idea that even serious photographer, pros or amateurs sometimes have a playing approach in photography. It’s where experiments can be done, risks can be taken, ideas can arrive . Ideas which later and can be developed in a more “serious” body of work. For me is more Polaroid cameras or Holga, for other Instagram, what is important is to keep shooting…

    1. I think that’s why I like Instagram so much, it’s unpretentious, so that – as you say – one can experiment, take risks and just play out ideas. And then it doesn’t really matter what tools one uses, Instagram or Holga.

  3. I’m the type that goes along with new technology kicking and complaining, but once I’ve mastered it, it’s hard to go back isn’t it? It’s hard to give up something like PhotoShop now. Besides, new toys always bring out the playful, creative geniuses inside of ourselves. Love the photos.

    1. I know exactly what you are taking about. Finally after 20 years with Photoshop I feel like I master it, and I don’t want to give up all that knowledge. But new things will always rise on the horizon, and those who are finally left behind are those who get stuck with old technology. Mind you I am not say Photoshop is old technology or obsolete, but some of the new apps such as Instagram gives you result with one click that you had to work hard in Photoshop to achieve. Still Photoshop is the master, though.

  4. I think Instagram can be fun, but I have yet to use it. I like your slice of focus shot. I use the lensbaby with the same creative approach to being fun and I like the results. Id like to do tilt- shift. I especially like your backyard photos.

    1. Yes, lensbaby gives some of the same playfulness as Instagram, but in addition Instagram offers a whole range of easy picture editing tools.

  5. That’s a great bunch of Instagram pics, Otto. I too get a lot of fun out of Instagram – an iPhone goes everywhere with me and it’s just another means of capturing an image that I see – it is also a lot less obtrusive than a compact. There’s room for all kinds of photographers – we can all ‘play’ with images as well as take the serious stuff.

  6. I am sadly behind in the technical field- is this an “app” for iphone? Oh…yes…I just read an above comment. I like the bird call app too. However I just have a regular cell phone that takes crappy pics but I am impressed with the effects here. Is instagram like sending a photo on the phone over the internet?

    1. No, Instagram is a simple and fun photo editing app for smart phones. In addition it makes it possible to upload the photos to a special Instagram account and thus making them available for anyone else.

    1. There is absolutely a nostalgic quality to Instagram. With the app you have many options to make whatever you capture look like vintage photos.

    1. Yes, you are right, the pictures shows a tomato that has “survived” both autumn and winter. And you don’t have to have an iPhone to do Instagram, any Android phone will do too. Thanks for the comment Rosanne – and a sorry for the reply.

  7. I haven’t downloaded the app. I don’t know why I am trying to avoid it, maybe because everyone uses it and once I know something goes too trendy, I sort of avoid it, but your photos are great. Maybe I should give it a try.

    1. A belated thank you for the comment, Marielba. I understand your feeling of wanting to avoid whatever is trendy – because I am very much there myself. But when I picked up Instagram, I immediately had so much fun with the app.

  8. I’ve not used instagram, but I have used some of the other apps, I’m in two minds about them. Part of me thinks it’s pseudo-creativity, just press a few buttons and anyone can create art, or so they think (that’s not having a dig at people with genuine talent like Otto). It can also mask a mediocre image by applying distracting effcts. On the other hand, it’s great to have another tool in the toolbox for us to use, and some of the things you can do are far easier than photoshop.

    1. It’s an interesting comment, because it holds much value. But I think it’s possible to combine, the easy and fun and avoiding the mediocre. When photography was introduced at large 170 years ago it was conceived very much the same way visa vis painting. Instagram is at this stage for me only fun, but I think it’s possible to do “real” artistic work with it. Thank you for your comment, Andy – a little late as my token of appreciation is.

    1. A belated thank you for the comment, Amanda, Since this you have already moved past Instagram. I just downloaded Little Photo after you recommendation and, yes, you are absolutely right, it’s even more fun than Instagram. 🙂

      1. Yay! I would love to see what you do with your pictures using LittlePhoto! I wish LittlePhoto had a profile set up like Instagram. Unless I upload my LittlePhoto pictures TO Instragram without using any of their effects. Lol. Thanks for replying!

        1. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do, use my Instagram account to upload pictures processed in LittlePhoto. And I am fine with that, I don’t need another account to keep track of.

  9. Herlig utvalg av instabilder ; )
    Jeg har enda ikke kommet igang med å bruke appn. Er bare så vidt startet med å fotografere, så får holde meg til min Canon ; )

    Ønsker deg en GOD DAG!

    1. Ingen grunn til å bryte en vinnende hånd, som det heter. Så lenge du har gøy med ditt Canon, trenger du ikke å bry deg med app’er som Instagram. Takk for kommentaren (en smule forsinket fra min part).

  10. Hi Otto!
    Yes, I ‘like’ your photos too. I’m using hipstamatic and really have fun with it. I like it for it’s surprise. I never know who or what will be the main focus. I think our background knowledge of art ‘starts’ the picture then the app takes over. It’s always so much fun because you don’t know what you are going to get. Also you don’t know what is going to be the center of attention.LOL you could know I guess but I don’t know what’s coming up. It’s a surprise.

    1. I agree with you, that it’s the unpredictability of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic that makes them so fun to use, in addition to how easier they are to play around with. A belated thank you for the comment, Carla.

  11. it’s wonderful to have many choices today when it comes to expressing our lives in a creative way. your Instagram collection is a perfect example. ♥

  12. I think it may have something to do with which phone you are using. I really like my phone and the quality of photos I take with it are excellent. However, I have yet to get the Instagram app to impress me. Your shots of course look great.

    1. Today there are so many fun apps to play with. Instagram is one, but I just tried out an app called Little Photo and it might even be more fun. You should give them a try! Thanks for the comment, Michelle, as always I am behind with my appreciation.

    1. You don’t really have to be spontaneous, it comes all by itself when you use Instagram or likewise apps. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  13. I have just recently started on Instagram and I am hooked! So many possibilities and with so many new apps which offer someone the opportunity to take, make and post photographs-it truly is a brave new world! I enjoyed your Instagram photos very much-

  14. It probably sounds strange for some of you: But I’m not the proud owner of a smartphone. So no app’s here with me. But it’s fun to watch others play with them!

    1. I don’t think it’s strange not to have a smart phone. It could just as easily have been me. When we find our own way we don’t need to do what the trend necessarily dictates us. Enjoy your smart phone-free life!

  15. I haven’t taken the instagram leap yet. I sometimes get overwhelmed with so many picture taking opportunities so haven’t felt the need to open that door yet, although seeing yours makes it look like fun. 🙂 Love your photos, especially the cozy cafe scene in the first.

    1. If you don’t feel the need to open the Instagram-door and have fun with what you do, I would just stay happy where I am. A belated thank you for your comment.

  16. These are very beautiful pictures! 🙂 I am a very amateur photographer and am not much of a techie too, so no instagram for me. But it’s inspiring to see others do the same things differently using all these innovative apps and I try to learn things and apply them as and when I can. That’s fun.

    1. If you are not much of a techie, then Instagram might actually be something for you. It’s so easy and intuitive – and just plain fun. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Sometimes we don’t need taking it too serious, LOL.
    I haven’t used instagram but have seen lots of friends take photos with it.

    I love the blurry effects on your first two photos. 🙂

    1. You are right, as a matter of fact we should in general be less serious about our creative work. A belated thank you for the comment, Inge.

  18. i love the look of instagram photos…i don’t have an iphone so haven’t had a chance to do it myself. but your photos look great no matter what you’re using, Otto! 🙂

    1. The beauty about Instagram is that everybody at all levels can have fun with the app, and there is no need to compare with each other. A belated thank you, Barbara.

  19. Great stuff! What’s with the pink flamingos? They look forlorn piled out there. Great angle on the plane photo. The cafe scene is nifty! Loved it. You must have had fun, using something we mere mortals avail of.

    1. The flamingos were just stuck in the ground, and, yes, they definitely look forlorn. Aren’t we all mortals? A belated thank you for the comment. 🙂

  20. It is another tool to have fun and create with, not a thing wrong with that. I think you have wonderful images here, whatever that is rotting on the vine is intriguing to me. I don’t have instagram but should see if I can get it on my phone. I actually have not used any of the apps on my new phone, lots of catching up to do. Have fun Otto!

    1. A belated thank you for the comment, Christine. And judging by your blog is seems like you have plenty fun with your photography without any apps. 🙂

  21. These are interesting images, Otto. The first one has such a wonderful atmosphere, and the plane looks like a toy plastic blow up one to me!

    To answer your question, I have to say that up till now, I haven’t taken any interest in apps for photography. What I am doing right now is rediscovering black and white.

    1. No need to take any interest in apps when you are discovering – or rediscovering – other creative paths. But I think at some point you might enjoy either Instagram or some of the other apps. A belated thank you for the comment, Andrew.

    1. Yes, it’s true sometimes we don’t have the convenience of a “real” camera, but other times using a smart phone and a app like Instagram is the best choice even when we have a “real” camera at hand. It comes down to exploring the possibilities and using whatever captures what you are after or in accordance with your vision. A belated thank you for the comment, Elizabeth.

  22. I must admit that I side with Gertie, but then I’m rather old-fashioned and still trying to learn old-fashioned photography 🙂
    My favourite here? The last one. I even think I know where it was shot 🙂

    1. I think it’s great that you want to learn old-fashion photography. One doesn’t exclude the other, though, while at the same everybody doesn’t have to do everything. Finding your way is part of the deal, isn’t it? A belated thank you for comment, Rune.

  23. I like your instagram style! I use this app already 2 years and i love it! Sometimes i more active when i in a trip for example! But still i like the opportunity to share picture immediately. I think it’s amazing 😉 I will be happy to follow you, my nick is voronenok! 😉

  24. Sadly, no instagram for me as my silly blackberry doesn’t have the app yet. Hopefully one day. I love the soft edges on the shots… Gives them an antique feel. 🙂

  25. The camera is a tool. Different cameras are suited to different tasks and situations. The creative photographer will know which to choose and when.

  26. I believe that the happiest professional photographers, are those who are open and flexible to use any means to bring their vision to the paper (or the screen). A very good part of photography is play. But I think it is also true that this craft is rapidly changing as more and more amateurs have become involved.

    1. Our craft is changing, but I don’t think the craftsmanship is diminishing all the same. As you say being creative comes down to playing with whatever tools are available and understanding when to use them. A belated thank you for the comment, Shimon.

  27. It’s an interesting phenomenon the art of the still, especially with the rapidly altering landscape of technology. For a skilled and talented artist such as you, diving into mobile photography is to embrace another form of the creative process. The equipment is the equipment. I’m on the edge, considering the dive into Instagram. Maybe your enthusiasm along with other encouraging photographers will inspire me.

    1. It would be fun if I can induce some interest in trying out different tools that are available for us. This doesn’t mean that apps like Instagram is something we all need to do, but I think it’s just another tool in our toolbox. It will fit the use for some, and not for others. A belated thank you for the comment, Sally.

  28. What a brilliant set of images – they are full of life and colour. I can feel the joy you’re having developing your Instagrams. I agree with you, they are fun and it’s enjoyable playing around with the different options. Moreover, your mobile phone is always at hand and it’s so much more inconspicuous taking a picture.

    1. That is really the beauty of the photo apps for the cell phone. They are indeed always at hand, and nobody even notices when you take a photo. A belated thank you for the comment, Martina.

  29. Wonderful images, Otto. I especially like the last one with the man walking cross the street.
    What is your handle in Instagram, I can’t find you? I’m DaniLew_1


  30. Congratulations I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award you can go to my blog to get all the details how to accept! Keep up the great work on your blog as you are making a difference and you are a human angel in my eyes. Melody

    1. A belated thank you for you nomination. I am very honoured. As you may have noticed I have been quite busy lately so I haven’t had time to follow up the nomination. It might still take some time, but I will get back to it. Thanks again.

  31. Playing is a great way to jumpstart that creativity and I love these Instagram photos. Makes me wish for an iphone just for the camera part of it…otherwise, I find no need to carry a phone with me all the time and just use one for emergencies (old school, I guess) My fave is the one with the curvy railroad/streetcar tracks in it…great lines!

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