Untold Stories

“How was it”, Mohamed Kaihel (47) asks and holds his recorder close to Fatma Hussein’s lips, in order to catch her voice in the noisy schoolyard.

Fatma just finished her 5th grade exam, and is well aware that she needs to pass to be able to start in 6th grade after the holidays.

“It wasn’t too hard”, the girl replies. We had four tests and I found them all quite easy; except maybe the one in Arabic.
Mohammed thanks her and grabs hold of the next child, hoping he or she will be slightly more talkative.

After a few minutes he is happy.

“I think I have what I need”; our Saharawian colleague says and heads for his car. It’s time to edit the two minute report he promised his boss in the radio station.

It was fun to see him work, even if we can’t use the story for…

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  1. We take so much for granted here. I’m not sure I could ever been as strong and courageous as this man. He chose his weapon wisely. The TRUTH is the most powerful of weapons.

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