Untold Stories

“There it is”, the driver says and points at a brown sand barrier that cuts through the desert from north to south.

“We call it the wall of shame, even if it’s not really a wall. It’s rather a sand barrier with a mine field in front of it. When we get closer you will see the barbed wire between us and the mine fields as well.

“But sure is a shame”, he adds, even if it not a wall, I mean.
The Land Cruicer is moving fast through the sand until our man behind the wheel thinks we’re close enough.

We have driven over the Algerian border and across the narrow strip of desert that are controlled by the Saharawians. We clearly see the barbed wire, the mine field and the Wall of shame, less than 500 meters ahead. We are escorted by local police. The green and whit…

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  1. If man spent as much time helping each other, as they did killing each other, we would indeed live in a wonderful world. It’s sad to think about how many innocent victims suffer from landmines.

  2. These are things I can only imagine. Knowing this is happening makes me very grateful that I was born in a country where I have always known freedom and will always be able to come home.

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