Untold Stories

«Stop Abba, Stop!»

Abba, our fixer, translator, driver and friend pulls over and creates a red dusty cloud as he stops the Land Rover on the sandy shoulder of the road. We are on our way back to the camp after meeting the Saharawian minister of Health. The sun is about to set and the desert is wrapped in beautiful orange light.

“What is the problem? Did you forget something in the ministry?” Abba looks confused.

“No, no”, we assure him.

“Don’t you see the camels over there?”

“Yes, but they are just ordinary camels”

“Exactly, ordinary camels are quite extraordinary for a Norwegian. Let’s go over to the shepherds and talk to them”

We get out of the car and start walking towards the coral where two young men are leading the last of their eight animals in behind the metal fence.

Abba has some business to attend to…

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  1. I am a little confused if I should be commenting on this blog or the one that is being pointed to, so I apologize for any duplicate comments.
    Great shot! I am curious as to what those tall wooden things that look like telephone poles are? My favourite line…”maybe we’re there to pose in front of the camera as Otto and Øystein of Arabia”.

  2. I must say, this is a photo worth sharing. Aside from the quality of the picture itself, it really demonstrates how different people live. Most Americans have never seen a camel outside of a zoo. The simplicity of life in some of the Nations that still live in the deserts and drive camels would be considered a true challenge for some of us. But, I suspect stress is non-existent in these cultures, unless of course, they become the victims of war.

  3. Hi,
    Very sad that a camel has to be killed to get money, then another is bought, I realize this is how these people live, but it is still a very sad story.

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