More Rain

I am almost a little embarrassed to announce that a handful of awards have rained down upon me lately. Don’t take me wrong; I am very honoured, but it puts a focus on me that I am not quite comfortable with. Or maybe it’s more that I am more concerned about my work and what I try to express than me as a person. At the same time I recognise that the awards are given for exactly that reason. So I guess I don’t really know what I am trying to say. Anyway, I am really honoured and truly delighted to be given such acknowledgement. Despite what I just tried to say, it means a lot to me to feel my blog friends and fellow bloggers appreciate what my blog is about. Enough sentiments, though, let’s get down to business.

First I was award the Hug Award by This Man’s Journey/Island Traveler and shortly after by Arindam. It’s a beautiful award, according to the guidelines it’s for people who, without giving up or compromising their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs, are able to nurture hope and respect the dignity of all people. There are actually quite a few guidelines that goes along with the award, please have a look here: Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award Guidelines. According to the guidelines upon receiving the award, I need to nominate at least one other person. Although I can nominate as many as I want to that reflects the essence of the award. First of all I will give hug back to Island Traveler and Arindam, thanks my friends. Here is my list of nominees (there are actually quite a few others I would have liked to add – but the award can only be given once):
The Hook
Three Well Being

Next award: Elenacaravela awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award. Thank you so much my artist friend. Coming from you it means something extra. Besides thanking Elenacaravela, I must select 6 blogs to pass on the award, and reveal 10 things about me that you may not already know. First 10 things about myself: Short tempered, love to eat rotten fish (what we in Norwegian call gravlaks or rakørret – I am not descending from the Vikings for nothing), I love sushi for that matter, too, I don’t trust powers to be, can’t understand why people need guns in a civil society, get angry when I discover ignorance – but can unfortunately be ignorant myself in between, I really don’t like social conversations – prefer to say something when I actually have something to say among people I care for, I am stubborn – very, by sarcasm I survive a crazy world; and finally I need a glass of milk a day to keep going. My nominees for the Kreative Blogger Award are:
Photographical moments
Silk Purse Productions
Simply Charming
Abu Zar/Visual Journey
Tricia Booker Photography

The last award was given by Figments & Imaginations. I would like to thank her sincerely for the ABC Blogger Award. According to the guidelines the award can be passed on to as many nominees as I wish to, and in addition I need to use the alphabet to describe myself, or give a little information about who I am. First my nominees for this award:
Cocomino/Life in Kawagoe
J.A. Robinson/The Daily Graff
Upon Atlas
Lesley Carter/Bucket List Publications

To comply with the alphabet requirement; instead of listing much about me, I would rather make a list of movies I can recommend. It still says something about me, just as much as any arbitrary list of features I can figure out about myself, anyway. As to the movies, they don’t necessarily represent my best-of-list, but it’s all movies I can truly recommend:

Angel-A, Blade Runner, Cinema Paradiso, Despicable Me, Elling, Fight Club, Good Night, and Good Luck, Hotel Splendide, Inception, Jarhead, Kitchen Stories, Labyrinth, Mystery Train, No Country for Old Men, Once Upon a Time in America, Platoon, Quinceañera, Redacted, Shaun of the Dead, Time Bandits, Unthinkable, V for Vendetta, Waking Ned Devine, X-Men, Y Tu Mamá También, Zombieland.

64 thoughts on “More Rain

  1. Congratulations! As a blogger just getting started, you are inspiration to all of us. It is a huge commitment to create a blog like yours so enjoy the awards, they are well deserved.

  2. Congratulations – very well deserved…

    …(but Zombieland is a fav. movie?????? – that one really surprised me).

    1. I think I wrote this is not necessarily a list of favourite movies. But, Zombieland, what can I say? It’s way over the top, and I think that’s why I had a good time watching it. Woody Harrelson is always a treat – one way or another.

  3. What is most endearing is your playing down your achievements as a blogger. The 10 random things did give a peek into you as person. All the awards and more to come are well deserved. 🙂

  4. A huge congrats to you, and a thank you. These awards come with hours of work and thought. You humbly and sincerely met each requirement beautifully….there’s got to be another award for that….:)

  5. Congratulations! You are so generous in the recognition you give. I think it is time well spent to encourage others. Great list. I look forward to visiting your favorite sites…and I must say, you came up with a full deck on the movie list.

  6. Congratulations – and well deserved. Your posts re always worth reading – thoughtful, philosophical, and pertinenent. You make people think, and not a lot of blogs to that

  7. See what happens when you share quality? Congrats, Otto – you have earned them ALL! Big awards hug…thanks for the suggestions for the movies. I’m still going after those from the film festival that you liked.

  8. Congratulations my friend. Such beautiful awards for a person that inspire a lot of people with his photos and words. Your images gives a sense of hope, of faith, of better things in people and events. I wish you all the best in everything. Can’t wait for your next photo adventure…

  9. Otto, Thank you so much for the Hug Award nomination! Here I was just reading along and enjoying the fact that you have received some lovely accolades, and here we were 🙂 What a delightful surprise. It may take me a little while to more broadly acknowledge the nomination, but I most certainly will do so. I understand the feeling of being a bit self-conscious, but it is always a lovely thing to receive encouragement! I always enjoy your posts, even those that are more technical! They inspire me to learn and improve my limited techniques! Debra

  10. Good on you Otto! I was coming here to read about rain and was preparing to see rain photos and I realize, oh! It’s a shower of blessings! I put my umbrella away and suddenly I realized . . . awww, thank you Otto for the Kreativ Blog Award! Sweet!
    Well, congratulations on the fine work you do and thank you! Gotta run home now . . . see ya!

  11. Congratulations dear Otto, and I’m honored that you nominated my blog too. Thank you, and also Thank you for all these beautiful bloggers that you introduced me. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  12. That’s a lot of Awards, Otto! Of course they are more than well deserved.
    Thank you, so much, for including me in your nominations for the Kreativ Blogger. I guess this means I better keep up my writing 😉
    Talk soon,

  13. Hey Munchow, wanna congratulate you for your achievements, insightful and really inspired us! Thanks for liking my blog♥.Thanks for sharing anyway, and keep it coming!

  14. Yes, congratulations! And thank you for liking my post!

    Seems we have something in common- I don´t either trust powers that be and am amazed that people still think a gun under the pillow is a form of a security, when it´s in fact adding to the paranoia and fear that makes people shoot eachother in the first place.
    But rotten fish- swedish: surströmming- haha, I dont know, gives me shivers just thinking about it.

    Really liked your flashphotos, especially the man with the icecream, it seemed to me he treated himself to a quick goodie before the zombies attacked again.

  15. I now have TWO Kreativ blogger awards! 😀
    (They’ll make nice virtual bookends) I must
    be very Kreativ, albeit, a very bad speller.
    Thanks for the link my friend. I’ll get around
    to posting again once my latest offering to
    the almighty fiction distrubitors is completed.

  16. A shower of awards and I’m late to the party. Congratulations Otto, you deserve all the accolades. I personally learn so much every time I visit your blog.

    I’m hugely honored that you nominated me for the Hug Award. Quelle jolie surprise 😀

  17. Congratulations for all of your many awards! So well deserved! I appreciate knowing more about you (sushi is my favorite food as well) as the person behind the lens. Many thanks for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I’m truly honored that you follow my blog and provide such valuable feedback. You are a true inspiration!

  18. Congrats! I think your photography is gorgeous and those awards are well-deserved. I hope you keep up your amazing work!

  19. Congratulations on your ABC Award!
    As the originator of this award you may be interested to know that I have now set up a Facebook group for all bloggers who have been given the ABC Award – a place for you to meet new bloggers, and share and support each other. You can join the group here:
    Please also let any other bloggers, that you know have been given the award, know about this group too – then we can all ‘spread the word’
    I have also set up a Facebook page – the ABC Award – where you can now add links to all of your blog posts and writing – share your work with a new audience, gain new readers, and find out what other ABC Award bloggers are writing about.
    You can find the page here:
    Just ‘like’ the page and get started – and do let all your blog readers know about this page – I believe that all of our blogs can only be improved by letting our readers know about other blogs – that way you will also have new readers discover you too!
    Happy blogging – and congratulations again on the ABC Award – you’re awesome!

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