15 Great Blogs

Collecting awards may seem like a way to put oneself in the limelight. Though it is a big boost and inspiration to be acknowledged for the effort one put into blogging – and it certainly feels fulfilling to have verified that people actually read and appreciate what you do, for me the biggest deal about blogger awards is to spread the awareness about other great bloggers that exist out there. It’s really what the awards are about, to me at least. It’s an opportunity to tell the blog sphere about all – or some at least – of the blogs that you yourself have found to be excellent and inspiring. Thus it’s a delight for me to now be able to do exactly that.

Over the last two months I have been nominated four times for the Versatile Blogger Award. I been busy travelling and working and haven’t had time to fulfil the requirements that comes along with the award. But here it is. First of all I would like to thank the four bloggers who nominated me for the award. Thank you so much Uponatlas, The Daily Graf, Whenquiet’s Blog and finally Linda Hersley. I am deeply honoured by being chosen. And by the way, they are all great blogs to look up, too. After all they did get a Versatile Blogger Award themselves and thus could nominate me.

As part of the fulfilment of the requirements that comes along with Versatile Blogger Award here is a list of 15 wonderful and, yes, versatile blogs. Please look them up; they are worthy of spending some time with. Some of the blogs I hereby nominate have already at least once been nominated, but for me the list wouldn’t be complete without them – and I don’t think they need to fulfil any requirements again, if time or opportunity doesn’t make it possible.

15 great blogs in random order:
August McLaughlin’s Blog
IsobelandCat’s Blog
GMB Akash – A Photojournalist’s Blog
This Man’s Journey
Elenacaravela’s Blog
Joshi Daniel Photography
Visual Journey
Draw and Shoot
Twelve Months of Creativity
Nina Lex
Fabulous 50’s
Annika Ruohonen Photography
Georgette Sullins’s Blog
Bente Haarstad Photography

In addition to these great blogs, I once before nominated 16 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you haven’t look them up yet, please do so at my post: Versatile Blogger Award.

To fulfil the last requirement of my nomination, I need to share seven items about myself that you don’t already know:
I don’t have patience for slow drivers
I love sugar, but try to step back from evilness
I have a secret dream of once doing an ultra marathon
I wish I sometimes weren’t so lazy
By age I am too old to be young, but in my mind I still feel like a boy
I really like Laphroaig (you don’t know what it is? Shame on you)
I think long postings can be pain in the but (simply because too often I don’t have the time to read them) – so how come I always end up writing one myself?

Finally here are the rules that go along with the Versatile Blogger Award:
Make a post with a list of 15 nominated blog
Inform the nominees that they are nominated
Share seven items about yourself that readers don’t already know
Thank the blogger who gave you this award.


53 thoughts on “15 Great Blogs

  1. So funny. Seconds ago I left you a message about your new Kreativ Blogger award. I picked up my email to find your Versatile Blogger nomination. Thank you. I am honored. As it happens, I’m already the proud recipient of a Versatile Blogger. I thank you doubly. I am also too old to be young, but in my mind I feel like a youngster as well. We’re both very fortunate.

  2. You are so giving. It’s great the way you share. “Giving rather than getting, will be the guiding principle.”
    BTW I looked up Laphroaig:-) You always seem to get me thinking. Unfortunately or fortunately, drinking things like Laphroaig is a thing of the past:-)
    Happiness is seeing Otto has posted!

  3. Congratulations dear Otto, this is so nice to meet with new bloggers… Thank you. By the way I looked up too for this “Laphroaig”… How interesting last night I watched a documentary film about Scotch whisky 🙂 I wished to drink but I can’t drink whisky… I love wine much more… With my love, nia

  4. Laphroaig…well, I dare not respond without saying the secret password. I’m sorry to say I have none in stock, but it sounds like it would be great in an Irish ‘er Scotch coffee.
    Thank you for the nod! I am honored to be found in such august…as in Inspiring awe or admiration, not old… company. Thank you for visiting my blog. And now I won’t be so timid…if you feel the need to coach/critique my photos…I’ll be learning from the best. “El favor que me haces, gracias.”

  5. I really am ashamed I don’t know what Laphroaig is. Could you please tell me what it is, now that I have owned up to my ignorance? :D:D And Oh, I hereby promise to try and reduce the length of my posts too 🙂

  6. Congratulations Sugar….ooops, sorry, Otto. No amount of sugar is sweeter than Mr Munchow.
    You have given us all inspiration, and insight, and we each thank you for that.

  7. Congrats to you on getting this award. 🙂
    You are so kind and giving. Thank you for giving us a chance to come across some wonderful blogs and talented people. Best wishes to you.

  8. Because I value your opinion, I look forward to visiting your recommendations. Meanwhile, I admittedly don’t know Laphroaig, so I did my homework! With that said, if your travels take you to the the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee area, you would enjoy the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Enjoy …. http://kybourbontrail.com/

      1. I have had a chance to visit the blogs. Tremendous … and the number of good photography blogs out there continues to impress me. A tip of the cap to all. Now if I can just get Winsombella to check her spam folder for my comment.

  9. Wow Otto, thank you so much for including me on this list of “Great Blogs” I am truly honoured.
    and you are very deserving of all those awards. Congratulations!
    I’m looking forward to going through all your recommendations.

  10. I definitely concur with others that you are deserving of the Versatile Blog Award. You cover so many interesting and creative topics. I am always glad to see your name in my inbox! You are a generous blogger, too, to not only encourage others by reading and commenting on our posts, but just look at the list you’ve provided of blogs you would like to support! I can’t wait to go to each and every one for myself…it might take awhile! I do have to comment on your thoughts that you wish you weren’t so lazy! That really made me smile…with all you do? I have a strong feeling that you set a very high bar for yourself. Enjoy the commendation. Well deserved! Debra

    1. Well, sometimes I can be quite industrious, at other times very lazy – to the point of procrastinating all that needs to be done. And then suddenly I have to be very industrious again.

  11. I’m happy to see a couple of my favourites made your list (Winsombella & Fabulous 50) and I look forward to venturing into the rest of your suggestions.
    I can honestly say I haven’t met a good single malt that I didn’t enjoy so thanks for that recommendation as well. 😉

  12. I’ve recently recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award
    from a friend who was honoring me for being her
    first commenter – I’m still not sure I did it right
    but printscreened the image and made a post
    about it. I’ve noticed some who wear them like
    merit badges of their side bars, and think that’s
    neat. I’ll have to figure that out someday.
    Congradulations! 😀

  13. Thank you for the nomination Munchow and no I have not forgotten the previous vote on Leibster either. I just haven’t got around to composing a thank you post (lazy, travelling in Jan, etc) and passing on it but hopefully very soon.

  14. Thanks my friend. I’m honored for the award. You are one of those bloggers who inspires me with their work. The photos you take are just incredible and the the places you’d been too makes me say, “wow! that was just amazing.” I wish you the best in all that you do…

  15. It’s good to see a great blog like yours getting the recognition it deserves. Congratulations on all the awards Otto.

    I also had to look up Laphroaig…and I like the line “By age I am too old to be young..”

  16. I am so glad I posted the flap necked chameleon and you “liked” it. This made me re-check out your blog which catapulted me into several of the TOP BLOGS you have listed, specifically, Visual Journey and Twelve Months of Creativity! I think I am hooked on both, and will be visiting yours more often! Creativity IS within us all but I must let it out or it will remain hidden and unshared.
    The Lioness

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