Holiday in Honduras

Lush rain forest; colourful coral reefs; wild rivers; spectacular mountains; white, soft and sandy beaches; ancient Maya ruins; proud descendents of the old cultures; beautiful colonial towns and friendly people all over. That is pretty much Honduras summed up. And yes, mosquitoes – not to forget.

Spending the Holidays in Honduras was simply great – as you can understand. I have travelled extensively in Latin American countries before, but hardly ever have I been so positively taken aback as in Honduras. I usually resent travel stories that talk about the friendly people in the visited country, simply because I find most people to be friendly no matter where you go. But Hondurans were – or are – special, at least that’s how I experienced it. Everywhere we went, we were met with openness, hospitality and curiosity such that I have never found anywhere else. I think one reason is that Honduras has hardly developed any tourist industry – yet, and with the exception of the Bay Islands along the Caribbean coastline and Copan – the old Maya site, which is the biggest tourist attraction in the country.

For anyone interested in exploring Latin America, I would highly recommend Honduras. We spent two weeks in the lovely country, but could easily have spent another month there. I definitely feel like I need to come back again.

Above are a handful of pictures from the trip. This was not a photo assignment, but a pure holiday. That limits the time and effort I put into photography, if nothing else to not become completely antisocial with those I travel with. In addition this became a very active holiday. We did all kinds of physical activities; diving, kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, river rafting and swimming. Nevertheless – and needless to say – I still do take a lot of pictures wherever I go and whatever I do. But these photographs are more snapshots and occasional travel photos.

While at it, I would use the opportunity to extend an apologue to all of you who have followed my blog and commented the various posts the last couple of weeks. While travelling in Honduras I simply did not have time enough to give feedback or follow up on your own blogs. I did read all your encouraging comments, though, since they are forwarded to my email, but on the road I had no chance to read all your own fantastic postings. For me giving positive feedback is what the blog sphere is very much about. But I promise the next couple of weeks I will do my best to catch up with every one of you. Thanks for the patience and for keep following my blog.


74 thoughts on “Holiday in Honduras

  1. Everyone deserves some time off–no need to catch up with us, at least for me anyway. This ultra-connected world has us all scrambling to be in communication with one another at all times, to the point where it sometimes becomes nothing more than another chore. Glad you enjoyed your trip and shared it with us. That’s all you needed to do!

  2. This is a wonderful testament to a grand holiday. I’m glad you were being sensitive to your travel partner by keeping the camera at bay and NOT looking for a computer. Bravo, Otto. First things first. We’re all still here – enjoying your blog. 😀

  3. Hi,
    The photos are fantastic, I would love to go to see the ancient Maya ruins, I love any sort of ancient history it is all so fascinating I feel.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic trip, and it definitely sounds like you had a fun trip as well, good on you, and welcome back. 🙂

  4. You know the difference in your photographic effort, Otto, but these “snapshots” are just beautiful! And it must have been a wonderful trip. Vacations are important and I surely don’t feel you need to apologize for not keeping current with everyone. It is a lot of fun to do so, and I feel I miss out when I can’t be more attentive, but I hope you’ll just move forward! It is good to have you back. I loved your comment that you usually don’t like to suggest that people from a particular country or region are friendly as though this came as a pleasant surprise. What a mindful observation. I want to remember that! Debra

  5. Welcome home Otto, your presence has been missed. Beautifully written post, and super images, and if I may, I echo the words of niasunset, above, this is indeed like having postcards from Honduras. Superb post, as usual.

  6. A series of images with real breadth – they show the variety of your experience and there isn’t a dud among them. Sounds like you had a great time. My son visited Guatemala a few years ago and enjoyed that country too.

  7. I’m glad you had such a great holiday, and thanks for sharing it with us. You are an amazingly versatile photographer and all these shots, from portraits to wildlife to landscapes to underwater, are wonderful. Definitely NOT the average vacation snapshots!

  8. Hello and Happy New Year! I have been away and I am delighted to find so many beautiful images here since the last time I visited. I like your photo-blog very much. It is somehow different from traditional blogs; you have a special (and very good) eye for angles 🙂
    Wish you all the best for 2012!

  9. I don’t know how you do it Otto, but your photos always manage to capture something extra – the old man (what a face) wearing a hat with the cross painted on it, the Mayan carving where you have to look twice to see what you’re seeing, the sunset (or is it a sunrise?)…

    Now that you’re back I can tell you there’s a gift for you at my blog

  10. We do tend to miss out on such places while planning a holiday. It is great to know that you discovered this new destination and also shared it with us. Happy new year, Otto!

  11. Many thanks for the beautiful pics. The variety alone was a journey in itself. And as much as you have traveled, I’m sure you agree that there is a lot of goodness in the world.

  12. This is why I love the Islans. So vibrant, colorful, happy, exotingly fascinating, laid back, refreshingly calm, no stress, no worries, just chilling under a palm tree, gazing on nature’s amazing landscape. Beautiful, vivid, breathtaking pictures. Makes me want to have head for the beach and have fun. Just inspiring my friend. Thank you.

  13. Diverse photographs. I like how you capture the expression on people’s faces, such as the older gentlemen with the cowboy hat and the young family man carrying the box, with the macho grin. Since I’m a nature and animal lover, kudos for the pelican landing on the dock.

  14. Owo…! AMAZING pictures… Have you ever been to Brazil?
    I noticed you visited my blog (incomparable to your photography). Anyway, I’ll be posting some more about Thailand and A LOT more about India, thousands of pictures.
    Loved your blog!

  15. As a Peace Corps math teacher I spent 1968 and 1969 in Honduras. It was there that I got my first real camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, which I used to photograph the same stone face at Copán that you showed here, but in black and white. Understandably, then, your pictures bring back many memories of the country. From what I read in the newspapers, Honduras has had many problems in recent years, more perhaps than would be expected anyhow from the endemic poverty. I’m glad you had only good experiences there (except for the mosquitoes).

    Steve Schwartzman

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