When Winter Was

Last week I posted pictures of warm and sunny Utah landscapes while waiting for the winter to arrive in Norway – which is where I was at the time of writing. I was hoping for snow and soon being able to get on my skis. What then is more appropriate than showing pictures from last winter, which was quite an amazing winter at least in these parts of the world? In Bergen – on the west coast of Norway – we had more snow than in a many, many years. Exactly during this period of time last year, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we had so much snow that I could put on my skis right outside my apartment, and go straight up onto the mountains from there. And that is exactly what we did. And had an amazing day. The sun was hanging low over the horizon. The snow coverage was less up on the mountains surrounding Bergen, because of exposure, but nevertheless more than enough for our skis and us. It was an almost serene experience.

Back to this year: I still haven’t had my first day of skiing this season. And now it won’t happen until next year. Because, at the moment of writing now – and when you read this – I am travelling around in Honduras in Central America. Not much snow in sight, I can promise you that! Only sun, warm weather, sandy beaches, mosquitoes and other tropical characteristics. Next year I will be back with pictures from the trip.

So until then: Happy New Year to you all.

45 thoughts on “When Winter Was

  1. Beautiful photos, as always!
    Over here we also have a “winter” filled with tropical characteristics, although mosquitoes are more common during Summer. I think our display of tropical insects are less visible during our so called “winter” months… 🙂

  2. The light and the composition of these photos are spectacular. Enjoy Honduras…will look forward to seeing your images of that beautiful place.

  3. As I type this, my family is in Vernon, BC, Canada. Just waiting for my daughter to wake up so we can go skiing in Silver Star… I can’t wait after seeing these beautiful photos! Enjoy your trip!!

  4. I used to work with a gal who was married to a guy from Bergen. When I planned a trip to Norway in the mid-90’s she told me I absolutely had to go there. So I did, and loved it–truly beautiful area. I was there in the summer, so now with your photos have an idea about Bergen winter!

  5. At quick glance, I thought the figures in the first photo were penguins! (Not that I expect penguins in Norway, it’s just that they looked like penguins!)
    After our Hallowe’en blizzard (which destroyed so many trees) we have had no snow at all. Both conditions unusual for here.
    But even though today is sunny and above freezing, the wind is howling and it bites right through a coat — So I think of you enviously in Honduras, and look forward to the lush green images you will be bringing back.

  6. Like a child learns to count 1,2,3 and an adult continues to count in his native language…somehow you know it’s snow weather…you’re a Norwegian at heart and being in Honduras doesn’t confuse you at all. Love these photos of a winterscape.

  7. Ahh, the tropics! Did you wear your Santa hat on the beach while sipping a margarita? Some days I miss my winter break beach vacations in Brazil while I was living there. Our Christmas in NJ was without snow and uneventful. Please let us know how you are doing down there in Honduras-a place I’d love to visit someday!

  8. Beautiful images (as always).
    You’ve captured the wonderful light & sun so perfectly.
    (They reminded me of a skiing holiday in Austria in Jan 1978 – wish I’d had a good camera back then AND the interest in photography).

  9. Oh my word. Your pictures are amazing. I am blown away. Your eye for detail is priceless. The sun washing over the horizon with the cross-country skier trekking across the snow — perfect composition. Perfect lighting, composure, emotion… very well done.

    If I could visit just one place in the world, outside of the United States where I live, it would be Norway. Thank you for the peek into that part of the world.

  10. It’s interesting how many people I’ve heard from around the USA and the world who are still waiting for snow this year. Thank goodness for our archives! These images are beautiful. I hope we’ll get to see photos of those sandy Honduran beaches soon!

  11. My reply comes to you from the Colorado Rockies where it is snowing today, with very high winds, but the snowfall for this season so far is not what it should be. I have always longed to visit your part of Norway and your beautiful photos are inspiring me further! Have fun in the Honduran sun!

  12. Honduras! You really do go great strides to get good photos! 🙂 When you get back to Norway, there’ll be a little brown face peeking out of a parka! Enjoy, Otto, and a very happy New Years.

  13. Winter season is same in many places… They all say not as before… What should we think about this, I am not sure. But should be because of climate changes… etc.
    These photographs are so nice, should be amazing to be there… and with ski… (Who says this, me?… because I don’t like snow and winter 🙂 ) I just love with my eyes… Have a nice and enjoyable holiday dear Otto. Thank you, Happy New Year, with my love, nia

  14. All that snow and the beautiful sky. Truly beautiful images Otto 🙂
    I’m surprised to hear that even in Norway there’s no snow yet this year.

  15. The snow has been late arriving all over Europe this year. Three great images, especially the light in the first one. Only four weeks before I get on the ski slopes – can’t wait. Honduras will seem strange and the arrival back in Norway stranger too in winter. Hope you enjoyed the break. Happy New Year – Your posts are always inspiring.

  16. Happy New Year, Otto. I can’t wait to see what you can share from Honduras! My goodness but you do experience a variety of spectacular settings–and climates! You must be a very resilient man, and that’s an exceptional quality. It’s always a delight to pop in and see what you have been up to! Debra

  17. Otto,

    Your part of Norway and Athens, Ohio, must be visited by the same jetstream or La Ninos/Ninas. Last winter we had snow the whole month of December when we usually don’t get much accumulation until after the first of the year. THIS December was more like spring, and we didn’t see snow (about an inch) or frigid temps until this week.

    Enjoy the sunshine!


  18. These are super gorgeous shots Munchow! I love to snow ski too. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see the powder where I live here in Florida. So, I’ll need to make it my New Year’s resolution to plan a ski trip soon. Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely photos. 🙂

  19. I love your photos!! I had a trip planned last year to visit the Scandanavian countries and was going to the scenic train from Oslo to Bergen and the boat to see the fjords. I had to cancel because my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Hope to get out there soon!


    1. The combined train and boat trip is a beautiful treat – if only weather permits. I am sorry to hear about your mother, I wish her all the best. And when you do get to Bergen, give me a notice.

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