Happy Holidays

Christmas is soon approaching and with that a time of sharing, love and appreciation. For most people it’s a time of gathering and reconnecting, a time for the family, a time when we put aside old conflicts and show compassion and care for each other instead. Christmas is also celebration and good food, presents, the glow in the eyes of children, singing, excitement, relaxation, good company and prayer and spirituality.

At the same time Christmas is one of the toughest times for those who have no family, for those who live on the fringes of the regular society, for those who cannot afford presents to their children, for those who live in despair, for those who starve – for all those for which Christmas is a reminder of all what they don’t have. We who have may use Christmas to somehow show compassion and love for those who don’t have. That would really be within the notion of what Christmas is supposed to be. I would like to challenge you all – and myself included – to do at least one good dead, and it doesn’t have to be big, that will make one or more of those for which Christmas is a hard time, feel somewhat part of the celebration, feel somewhat part of the sharing that Christmas is suppose to be.

On a personal level I will use the opportunity to thank everybody of you, who have followed this blog and given feedback and tremendous support, who have given so much of yourselves through my blog. You have truly inspired me to keep posting and make me feel what I am doing is appreciated and more than just scribbles for myself.

Finally, in a seasons of gifts and presents, I have been given a beautiful present by the blogger Being Arindam. He has awarded me with The Rudolph Award. I sincerely want to thank him for the nomination. I will get back to it in more details in a later post.

For now: Merry Christmas to all of you.


64 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Beautiful post, Munchow. Thank you, and I accept your challenge. 🙂

    Thank you also for your blog – I enjoy your posts and your photos a great deal. You are an inspiration. Many blessings to you ~

  2. A good challenge.
    One I’ll think about — and hope to accomplish.
    And a merry christmas to you — many people (me included) are grateful to you for the gift of beautiful photography and inspiring text on your blog!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful photographs and your inspiring blog. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and may 2012 be filled with many blessings for you and yours.

  4. Merry Christmas! I am so happy to have met up with your blog this year….great inspiration.
    My family for the first time this year decided to adopt a needy family, instead of exchanging gifts amongst the adults in our family. Wonderful feeling! And this will be our yearly tradition going forward.

  5. You have a wonderful blog. Your photographs and words always say a lot to everyone of us.
    Wishing you a happy holiday season. May this season will bring lot more happiness, joy & peace in your life.
    Congrats on your award. You are such an motivation and inspiration for lot of us. I am waiting to see, to whom you are going to pass this award. 🙂

  6. Travel safely, Otto, and enjoy the Christmas season with your loved one. Many thanks for all you have given on this fabulous blog. Your challenge is lofty and valuable. Think of all the goodness it will bring to the planet. It will be a pleasure to do an act of Love with your name in mind.

  7. This is a beautiful post, Otto. You are so right. Some of my dearest friends struggle with Christmas and I know from them, firsthand, how different our experiences have been through the years and even now. One of my challenges is to help my little granddaughters learn early how to share the Christmas blessing. We took some time yesterday going through the Heifer International catalogue and they chose to purchase a pig for a family. I think sometimes it is easier to make a purchase as an act of kindness than it is to be mindful of those right in our paths. You are a generous and insightful man, and I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I always find words, wisdom and beautiful inspiration. Merry Christmas to you! Debra

  8. Congratulations on your award, as always, so well deserved. I will take your challenge Otto.
    Thank you for another lovely post.
    I wish you, and your family a very happy Christmas.

  9. At times of joy it takes a good human to think of those who are less privileged and you, dear friend are one. I have heard of all kinds of challenges, but this one outdoes them all. I accept it 🙂

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

  10. looking forward to the long weekend this holiday offered.. some time to relax, unwind & shoot more of course.. i’m a new follower, but merry christmas nonetheless.. 🙂

  11. Outstanding words in the spirit of not only the Christmas season, but actually toward humanity every day of the year … and written with class! Merry Christmas Otto!!!

  12. A very Merry Christmas to you too Otto. I’m gad we connected through our blogs. Yes we are truely blessed in comparison to many others in the world. This is the first year, after two years of Christmas being unemployed. Something to be thankful for.

    1. As far as your challenge of giving- it something I strive to do often, not just during the holidays.  Not only did I donate several toy gifts for a church for a gift mart, I spent half the day volunteering to photograph and coordinate the event and all that follows with collecting and sorting images. I gave up a weekend w/o my kids to give to others less fortunate.
      I feels good when I can give and I also give when I faced tough times, because my tough times are no match for hardships others are facing today.

  13. I appreciate how you build us up and encourage us with your words of wisdom..Merry Christmas! May relaxation come your way..and some skiing too!

  14. Thank you for such I beautiful post, it is very inspiring 🙂

    I do always try to look after my friends who are lonely at this time of year, even when they try to hide…

  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Otto. It’s been a privilege to meet you through your blog and I always appreciate your comments on mine. You have much to share, through both your images and your words.

  16. Indeed Christmas is about sharing our love, time and generosity with people who had been a part of our lives, may it be our families, our friends, our co-workers, our blogger friends whom we made connections. It’s a time to thank and be grateful as well. Thanks for the inspiration, for the thoughts and the amazing images you created.
    Merry Christmas. Wishing you and your family the gift of love, joy and peace today and everyday.

  17. Beautiful post Munchow. I think you really hit the nail on the head with what the true meaning of Christmas is and what we can do to share it with those around us. I will keep that in mind. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Wish you a glorious New Year ahead! 🙂

  18. I want to thank you for taking up on the challenge and understanding what Christmas is also about. It’s quite fantastic to know so many wonderful people.

  19. An inspiring post. Which sadly I’ve only just picked up today (1 Jan). The Homeless were very much in my thoughts this Christmas, and my Christmas message like yours focussed on their plight. The divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is growing and the numbers of homeless people on the streets of London this year has grown. It’s right that at a time of giving and receiving we should be giving and thinking about those who are destitute.

  20. Your words are a timely reminder of things that often are pushed aside in all the holiday hurry. I think we do remember what Christmas is about, but it is oh-so-easy to neglect some very important aspects. I hope your Christmas was a happy one and that 2012 proves to be a very good year for you.

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