Inspiring Travelling

Travelling in a foreign place is pure inspiration – even when travelling is work. I have just returned from a week of travel in Thailand on assignment for a travel magazine. It was early mornings and late nights – as it always is when travelling on assignment, but still every moment was nothing but joy, new impressions, rousing meetings with people, beautiful sceneries and yes, pure inspiration. I am not saying the world is perfect when you travel – it certainly isn’t – but on a personal level it boosts your senses, your creativity and your focus on the moment. And of course it leads to encounters that we as photographers always are on the look for. I just love meeting people in new places – rich or poor. It’s the richness of variety in itself that makes the meetings so intense and a personal learning experience. It’s refreshing. Every time I meet someone for the first time, I learn more about life, I learn more about what it means to be human beings, I learn more about the country I visit and I learn more about myself. Travelling carries in it two of the most essential elements of creativity. First of all when I travel I am doing the work, whether actually working or just travelling as a tourist. I am in the field photographing, meeting people and creating images through these encounters. We can talk all day about creativity, but in the end that counts for nothing if we don’t do the work. It’s when we are actually out there doing it; we are able to be creative. Travelling makes that happen. Secondly the intensity of travelling makes me focus completely on the present moment. I don’t think about the bills waiting at home, I don’t think about all the things I should have done, I do not for a moment waste thoughts on the nitty gritty duties that fills everyday at home and I don’t think about work – even when I am working as on a trip like this. Travel just makes your mind go blind for everything but the present moment. It intensifies your own life. It frees you from yourself and your nagging thoughts. It heightens your creative sense. It boosts all your senses as a matter of fact. It makes you live.

My next life I should probably live on the road…


18 thoughts on “Inspiring Travelling

  1. A very inspirational post. I can certainly imagine how travelling would make a person focus completely on the present moment and heighten their creative sense – especially if the person travels to mysterious and new environment.
    I explored your website a little. Your photography is amazing!

  2. Thanks for the nice words. Travelling is indeed something very inspirational for a photographer. The danger, though, is that you get caught up exactly in the mysterious and new environment and aren’t able to go beyond the obvious, transforming the picture from being solely about subject matter to subject on a deeper level.

  3. I totally agree , travelling gives us so much and travelling to countrys with totally different culture is so inspiring for photography. Lucky you who get the oppurtunity to travel while working but then againm looking at your photos explains why it’s possible for you. Thans for your comment on my post with the ram!

    Christina, Sweden

  4. A very inspiring post. I enjoy traveling and meeting people too. Diverse culture and traditions fascinates me. I think their is beauty in all people, in all countries, regardless of socioeconomic status. A photograph becomes more meaningful if we know the subject in a more personal way. It becomes a part of us, of how we see and feel the world around us. Stay blessed and passionate in what you do. You have a gift and it’s a beautiful one.

  5. Thanks again for all the encouragement and positive feedback. You are absolutely right, island traveler, beauty is indeed in all people, and that is really what is my motivation as a photographer, even when dealing with the hardships and the negative sides of human life.

  6. Interesting post – thanks for sharing! I have to agree with you – feeling the inspiration from traveling, seeing beyond the obvious, and experiencing what you are doing – it all brings life to life.

  7. Traveling to foreign places and taking pictures of them… what a life :-)…
    I agree that traveling is inspirational. It opens your mind to a lot of new things.

    I’ve been traveled to a lot of places; still it is not enough. I want to travel more.
    Also, if only I know every languages in the world, so that I can communicate well with all the people I’ve met. That would be awesome.

  8. I really enjoyed the sentiments in this piece, especially the idea that “the intensity of travelling makes (one) focus completely on the present moment.” Thia is such an important aspect of travel
    Alain de Botton has a great book that goes into this more called “The Art of Travel”
    Thanks for checking out my blog too!

  9. “Every time I meet someone for the first time, I learn more about life, I learn more about what it means to be human beings, I learn more about the country I visit and I learn more about myself. ”

    Hello, Sir Otto! Could you perhaps be travelling now or photographing your backyard, eh? Warm regards… 🙂

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